Step brother

Step Brother
"Sweety! Wake up!" my mum woke me up at 3:30 am. Well, I’m (Y/N) and I live in L.A. only with my mum. My dad leaved us, when I was very young. I’m 16 and I don’t have any brother or sisters........

This is a amazing story from: officialjustinbieberimagines
I just want to share this beautiful love story with you guys❤️


3. Step Brother - 3

Everything was quiet. “I’m sorry (Y/N).” I lied on the bed. He came closer to me. He started to kiss my cheeks. “Stop it. You have a girlfriend.” “Shh babygirl. Everything’s gonna be alright.”


"Justin, that’s not right." I softly pushed him away. He rolled his eyes.

"And why did you cry?" I was quiet, pretending like I’m sleeping. "Why? I know you’re not sleeping. Were you jealous?" He repeated. "No?" I said a little bit louder.

"Don’t lie to me." I turned around and saw him giggling. "Ok, maybe a little. And I was angry. Cause you didn’t tell me you have a girlfriend. And you kissed me."

He made puppy face. “Ohh (Y/N) loves me.” “No, I don’t!” I yelled on him. “Yeah, yeah. Good night.” He turned around and fell alseep. I started to cry. I really love him. But he don’t love me back. That was killing me. I tried to fell asleep, but I couldn’t. I wished I’d never met him.

I finally fell asleep. I had dreams how we’re together. We’re not brother and sister. He actually loves me. I want to live my dreams.

Next morning:

I woke up at 9:30 am. I saw Justin got a message from his girlfriend. I looked at Justin and he was still sleeping. I took his phone and opened message. “Come to my place today. You can sleepover.”

I was so angry. I deleted message. “He’s not coming, bitch.” I whispered to the phone. “What did you say?” Justin slowly opened his eyes. I threw phone on the floor. “Good morning. That’s what I said.” I fake smiled. He turned around and fell asleep again. I rolled my eyes. Where are your manners boy? I stood up and went to the bathroom. I heard mum and Patrick were talking downstairs.

"We can make party at our house today. For Justin and (Y/N)." Patrick suggested. "Sure. I’m going to wake up children." I heard mum and ran to Justin’s room. I closed the doors and jumped on the bed. "What the fuck are you doing?!" "Justin, sleep. Now." We closed our eyes. 
Mum knocked on the doors. “Morning.” “Morning mum.” We said in unison. Justin’s calling my mum “mum”. I smiled at him. “So, what’s up?” I asked her. “Me and your dad were thinking. And you can make a party in our new and Justin’s old house. If you want to. You can invite all of your friends.”

We just nod. “Is it ok?” She asked. “Yeah sure.” Justin whispered. He was so tired. “Breakfast is ready.” We smiled and she left.

"Why are you so tired?" He put a pillow on his face. "I’m just tired." I stood up and changed my clothes infront of him. I was already used to this. I thought he’s going to say something, like "You’re hot or sexy." But he didn’t. "Justin, can you give me my T-shirt?" I wanted him to pay atention. But he just grabbed it and threw it to me, not even looking. I put on my shirt and went downstairs.

I sat at the table and took croissant. “Are you sad?” Patrick asked me. “No I’m not. Why?” I was sad, because of Justin. He don’t give a shit about me. “Come on, I see tears in your eyes.. Tell me, what’s happening?” I didn’t want to tell him about Justin. That would be awkward. “My really good friend don’t care about me anymore. He don’t want to hear about me. And I really love him. I want to be his friend.” I wiped tears on my cheek. 
"Don’t worry. He will realise how nice girl you are. You’ll see." He caressed my hair. "I don’t think so." I whispered but he didn’t hear me.

I ate my breakfast and put the plate in the dishwasher. Justin came downstairs and hugged me. “Morning sis.” “Bye.” I said harshly and went outside. “What was that for?” he said and made weird face.

I went to Emily’s house. She opened doors. I hugged her and started cry. “What’s wrong?” I looked at her. “She has girlfriend.” She hugged me tighter.

"It’s ok girl. You love him, don’t you?" I just nod. "I heard for your party today. You want me to fix your things with your bro?" She made an evil smile. "Would you?" She nod. We came in her room and chilled.


It was already 6 pm. “We gotta go Em. Only 1 hour and party will start.” I called my mum to pick us up. She came is she bought me a dress. “I just came from the mall. And I saw that red dress. I thought you’d like it.” I checked it. “Mum, I love it!” We sat in the car and went to our house.

When we came in, Justin was already prepared. He was sitting on the sofa and watching TV. I came closer to him. “Waiting for your girlfriend?” He looked at me. “Kinda.” “Is she coming too?” I crossed my arms. “She’s my girlfriend. Ofcourse!” I rolled my eyes. Lucky me, cause he didn’t see me. “Come Em, let’s go get ready.” I said and grabbed her hand. We went in Justin’s room.

I closed the doors. “O gosh, she’s coming!” I jumped on the bed. “Don’t worry, I have a plan.” She smiled. “I hope it’ll work.” I took a deep breath and put on the red dress. She changed her clothes too.

We went in the bathroom and put on some makeup. At 7:30 pm, Justin’s girlfriend Larissa came. I heard ringing. “Hey Justin.” “Hey Larissa.” I looked downstairs. They kissed. It was so painfull. “Do something. Quick as possible.” I yelled on Emily. “No, not yet. I want this plan to work. Oh, her evil side is so good.

I went downstairs. “(Y/N), this is my girlfriend Larissa.” Justin presented us. “I already know her Justin.” I rolled my eyes infront of her. “Oh, that’s the bitch you were talking about.” Larissa told Justin. “What did you just said? Oh, you wanna play? Than let’s play a little game whore.” She was so annoying. Justin was just standing, listening to us. I wanted to slap her so fucking much. “Girls, girls. It’s not time for that now.” Justin’s best friend Ryan just came. I knew him already. He was on my school. “Ryan, we’re not talking to you.” Larissa said to him in a bitchy tone. He always hated her. She was talking to Justin, she’s not the one for him. But he always ignored him. “Bitch.” He said, took my hand and made me follow him to the kitchen.

"I want to kill her. I don’t wanna watch her all night here. She’s the most annoying thing on the world." I nod. "Yeah, I know. Justin don’t deserve her. She’s just stupid whore." "We have to do something about this." Ryan suggested. I winked.

We heard loud noises coming from living room. Ryan opened kitchen’s door and we saw a lot of guests came. Party started. Mum and Patrick went in a restaurant, so house was all ours.

Justin brought alcoholic drinks and turned on the music. “Em, let’s drink something before the big finale.” She smiled and we went to the drinks. I took juicevodka and she took only vodka.

Everyone was having so much fun. But I didn’t. I wanted to kick Larissa’s ass so badly. We danced and drank. After a while, I whispered to Em. “Let’s go!” She winked and went to some guy she knew. She took his hand and showed him Larissa. She was sitting on the sofa.

He whispered something to her. I guess it was : “Do you wanna dance?” cause she nod and went on the dance floor with him. Emily came back to me. “Go get Justin. Quick!” I obeyed her and went to the kitchen. I opened the door and peeked. “Justin! Wanna dance?” He looked at me and and nod. He took my hand and we went in the living room.

Than we saw Larissa was kissing with this guy. “What the fuck?” He said and ran upstairs to our room. I smiled. “Thanks Em!” I threw her a kiss and went upastairs to cheer Justin.

I slowly opened doors. He was sitting on the bed. “Are you ok?” He wasn’t crying, but he was sad. I closed the doors and sat next to him. “Why’d she do that? Tell me it’s not really happening. She didn’t kissed him.” He hugged me. “I don’t know Justin. But she did it. I knew she’s bitch from the first moment I saw her. Trust me, you don’t deserve her.” He looked at my eyes. “Do you really think that?” I nod. “I’m sorry.” He froze for moment. “You know, you’re right. I never loved her. We don’t need to be together.” I giggled. He stood up and went out. I followed him.

He went to Larissa. “We’re done.” He said and went to drink something. “Why? Justin? Are you drunk? We can’t break up!” She yelled on him. “Oh yes you can. He don’t love you.” Emily stopped her. “Justin, I hate you!” she screamed and ran out.

I came in the living room. “What just happened?” I was pretanding, I don’t know what’s going on. “They broke up.” Emily smiled. “Justin took my hand. “Thank you. You’re the best sister on the world. I love you.” I smiled. “I love you more.” He hugged me. Let’s continue this later.” He winked. “Yeah, let’s drink some more vodka.” I smiled and winked back.


Part 4 is coming tomorrow <3

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