Step brother

Step Brother
"Sweety! Wake up!" my mum woke me up at 3:30 am. Well, I’m (Y/N) and I live in L.A. only with my mum. My dad leaved us, when I was very young. I’m 16 and I don’t have any brother or sisters........

This is a amazing story from: officialjustinbieberimagines
I just want to share this beautiful love story with you guys❤️


25. Step Brother - 25


The bell rang and everyone went out. Only me and Mason stayed in. “Ok, yesterday was mistake.” I started. “It was? You said it wasn’t wrong. Remember?” I rolled my eyes. “I was fucking drunk!” I almost yelled, but I didn’t cause someone could hear us. “Well, I found this in my pocket.” He took something out of his pocket. “How did you get this?” I was shocked. How did he got Justin’s necklace?


"Is this yours?" He asked me while giving it into my hand. I nod and put it in my pocket. "Thanks." I smiled. "And please, forget about everything." I whispered. "Sure I will." He giggled and I left.

"What’s wrong?" Laura was waiting for me outside. "Oh, nothing’s wrong. I have to go." I touched her arm and went to my locker. I opened it and suddenly, I felt two hands rubbed my shoulders. "Justin!" I yelled. "You fucking scared me. Don’t so this again." He laughed. "Sorry baby. Are you going home?" He asked and hugged me from behind. "Yes. Are you coming with me?" He squeezed his eyes and nod. I took his hand and we went out.

We went through the park. “Can we talk here?” Justin asked me. His eyes were scaring me. “I guess…” I squeezed my eyes a little. We sat on the bench. “You know, yesterday…” He stopped and swallowed saliva. I opened my eyes. “I was so drunk. You know that. And Larissa kissed me-” I put my hand on his leg. “Justin, it’s ok. Bad things happen, I forgive you.” I wanted to tell him for Mason, but no, I knew he wouldn’t forgive me.

"Are you sure? I’m really sorry." He held my hand. "Yes Justin, I totally get it. I don’t see a problem here." I kissed his cheek and he giggled. We stood up and went home.

At home:

"Mum, we’re home!" I yelled when I opened the doors. "Lunch is ready!" She yelled back. I threw my bag in the floor and went in the dining room. "Sit." She said very strictly and we obeyed her. I wide opened my eyes and looked at Justin. He shrug his shoulders. "What’s up?" I slowly asked.

Mum turned around and crossed her arms. “I got a message this morning, when you both left the house.” “Well, everyone gets messages. It’s not a big deal.” Justin interrupted. Mum evil giggled and sat down. “Yeah, but you don’t know what have I found.” I rolled my eyes.

I gently stepped on Justin’s toes and he looked at me. We knew where this was going. Suddenly I stood up. “Where do you think you’re going?” Mum harshly said. “On the toilet.” “No, not now.” I sighed and sat down again. “So, I found your wet clothes under your bed. I smell vodka on it. (Y/N), were you on that party yesterday?!” She continued

"What clothes?" I was really confused. I didn’t hide my clothes and nobody spilled vodka on my clothes. "Don’t act so stupid." She stood up and went somewhere. "What have you done?" Justin whispered angrily. "I don’t know!" I whispered back. Mum came back with dirty T-shirt. "This isn’t mine!" I yelled. Mum threw shirt into me. I looked at it and it certainly wan’t mine.

"I swear it’s not mine!" I checked the label. "Guess who am I.” This was written with black pen. “Larissa.” I whispered to myself. “Stop mummbling and speak up.” I looked at mum. She was staring at me and so did Justin. “This is Larissa’s. But I have no idea what was this doing under my bed.” Mum rolled her eyes. “Tell her I need to talk with her.” I nod.

After lunch:

I took my phone and called Larissa.

You: “How you dare to put your fucking shirt under my bed?!”

Larissa: “I told you I’ll revenge you.”

You: “I just can’t believe you think only about yourself. Bitch.”

I hung up, threw my phone and sighed really loud. “Baby, don’t worry.” Justin peeked into my room. He stepped in and sat next to me. “I have some news for you.” He put his head on my shoulder. “I hope they’re good.” He nod and kissed my cheek. “I was thinking a lot about my future.” I made a weird look. “Ok? So?” I asked. “I love music.”

"Really?" I was shocked. He never liked music. "Yeah, I found a guitar in garage today and I’m writing a song already." I smiled. "That’s beautiful. Can I hear it?" "It’s not done yet, but I’m writing it for you, and the name of the song is fall." I smiled even more and hugged him very tight. "I love you Justin." "I love you so much more." I kissed him.

"I’ll beat that bitch tomorrow. She still wants you, but I won’t give up on us just because of her." Justin rolled his eyes. "I’ll help you." We laughed.


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