Step brother

Step Brother
"Sweety! Wake up!" my mum woke me up at 3:30 am. Well, I’m (Y/N) and I live in L.A. only with my mum. My dad leaved us, when I was very young. I’m 16 and I don’t have any brother or sisters........

This is a amazing story from: officialjustinbieberimagines
I just want to share this beautiful love story with you guys❤️


23. Step Brother - 23


“No Justin, I can’t calm down. I was waiting for this party for 2 fucking months. I want to have fun too!” I sat down on the bad and Justin joined me. “Don’t worry, we can sneak out. We’ll figure out something.” He kissed my forehead. I hugged him. “And what is this bitch doing here? I’m pretty sure she’ll come tomorrow on that party, even she’s not on this school.” I joked and Justin laughed.


Next morning:

"Morning mum." I came downstairs and sat at the table. "Morning." She put pancakes on the table. "Where’s Justin?" I asked her. He always wakes up before me. "He’s feeling sick. I said he can stay at home today. I’m guessing you both aren’t going on the party today." She giggled. I rolled my eyes and took a pancake.

I ate breakfast and ran in his room. We had the same room, but mum freaked out when she realized we were sleeping together, on the same bed, so she made another room for him. Pathetic.

"Justin?" I whispered and stepped in the room. "What the fuck is going on?" I continued. He looked at me and winked. I closed the doors. "I thought this is going to work." I sat next to him and sighed. "Justin, we both can’t go on the party. Because you’re fucking pretending that you’re sick." He laughed.

"Go to school and I’m gonna make plan. Relax." He kissed my forehead. "I’ll kill you if something went wrong." We smiled and I went out of the room.

I took my school bag and went downstairs. “Bye mum.” I yelled and went on the bus station.

At the bus station:

"Where were you? I said be here 10 minutes before bus is leaving." My school mate or actually my best friend in school Laura yelled on me (in nice way). "Sorry, I had to talk with Justin. He’s feeling sick-" "What? He’s not coming on the party?" I shrug my shoulders. "Well, tell me why do I need to be here 10 minutes before bus?" I asked her while sitting down on the bench.

"I guess you totally forgot." She laughed. I squeezed my eyes. "I wanted to tell you what you and Justin need to buy for today. Everyone has to. Actually I wrote you on that paper." She put the peace of paper in my hand. I opened it. Vodka, juice and marijuana? Why me?" She rolled her eyes and smiled. "Well, I thought Justin could buy this, but ok, don’t worry, I’ll get it." She winked.

The bus came and we went on. “John! I’ll get-” She couldn’t finish the sentence, he stopped her. “Oky.” John is our school mate. Very cool person, though.

At school:

"(Y/N), so, buy as much vodkas and juices as you can. Ok?" Laura asked me while opening her locker. I nod and opened my locker. Suddenly my books fell on the floor. "This locker is so fucking small!" I yelled on the school hall. Laura laughed. "You don’t need so much clothes in it." I shrug and took the books off of the floor. Some girl went by and kicked one of my books. "What the fuck?" I looked at her.

"Oops." She fake smiled. I stood up and looked at her. "What are you doing here, Larissa?" Laura made a weird face. "You know eachother?" I giggled. "Oh yeah, I know that bitch for a long long time." I slowly said and kept looking Larissa. She rolled her eyes. "I came here to ruin your life. Again." She slowly came closer to me and I swear I wanted to slap her so bad. "You’re going to fail so much." She lifted her eyebrows. "We’ll see about this. See ya on the party." She turned around and walked away.

I looked at Laura. She was looking at us with ‘o’ on her lips. “Ok, what was that?” She finally spoke. “Justin’s ex. But nevermind, let’s go to class.”


I came home, harshly threw my bag on the sofa and sighed. “What’s wrong?” Justin asked while eating lunch. “Where’s mum?” I angrily asked. “She’s didn’t come home yet-” “We need to go at this party!” I came closer to him, put my hands on his shoulders and shake them a little. “Why? What happened?” Justin made a confused look. “Larissa.” I squeezed my eyes.

"Ok, I made a plan already." I quickly sat at the table and put my hands on it. "So?" I smiled. "I found a peace of paper. Your mum has yoga today at 8 pm. And party starts at 8 pm." "You’re the best." I stood up and kissed his cheek.

I took my bag and jacket. “Where are you going?” Justin stopped me. “Buying some stuff for today.” I winked and went out.

After shopping:

I opened the doors and saw mum. “Shit.” I dropped bag with juices and vodkas. “What’s wrong?” She asked. I fake smiled. “I forgot something.” I went out and closed the doors. “Where should I-” I looked at bush. “Perfect.” I whispered and hid bag in the bush.

I came in again. “How was in school?” Mum asked me. “Great. Gotta go, bye.” I ran upstairs. “And remember, no party today.” She yelled. “Mhm!” I yelled back.

I opened Justin’s doors. “In the bush.” I quickly said and sat next to him. “Great.” “It’s almost 6 pm, we should get ready, ha?” I asked and giggled. “Sure. I furbished your red dress. I had nothing to do.” Justin whispered. I laughed. “Good boy.” I kissed him passionately. “Mm.” Justin moaned into my lips.

I broke the kiss and took my dress. “Perfecto.” Justin laughed. He threw me my little bag with make up. “Where did you find it? I hid it-” “Yeah, I know.” He winked again.

7:45 pm:

"(Y/N), Justin, I’m going. I’ll be home at 12." We heard mum yelling. "Yeah, and please, be quiet when you’ll come, we’ll sleep." Justin screamed. We heard door closed. Justin looked out of the window. "Ok, let’s go."

We went out and I grabbed bag of vodkas and juices. We sat in the car and drove to school.

At the party:

"Do you have tickets?" I asked Justin when he parked the car. He nod and we stepped out. "(Y/N)!" I saw Laura was coming to us. "Good, you have what we need." I gave her the bag and took Justin’s hand.

We came in the school and out dining room was now the dance floor. I kinda like this new school. “Justin!” Larissa ran to us and hugged Justin. Surprisingly, he hugged her back. I squeezed his hand and looked at him. He gently pushed her away. “How are you?” “Great, bye.” I interrupted their conversation. She rolled her eyes. Laura was calling us and we followed her.

"Let’s get drunk people!" She yelled. There were only me, Justin, Laura, John and 4 other school mates. We sat in the circle and started to drink. Suddenly, John took marijuana from his pocket. "Let’s hit the edge."

I drank the first shot of the vodka. “I’m already dizzy.” I whispered into Justin’s ear. “Don’t stop, but be carefull.” I nod and drank one more. Justin put the joint in my hand. “Go babe.” “That’s great.” I said while exhaling smoke out of my mouth. Justin laughed. “I know baby.” He kissed my cheek.

I took one more shot of vodka and so did Justin. “We made school party every year.” Laura yelled, because music was too loud. “That’s so cool!” I yelled back and laughed like crazy. I already drank 8 shots of vodka, so I decided to change drinks. I took Jegercola and poured it in my glass.

"Someone is going to be so fucked up." John yelled and laughed at me. I showed him my middle finger and kept drinking. Justin leaned on me and he was touching my belly. "Justin, stop teasing!" I laughed. He wasn’t listening and kept doing what he wanted.

Suddenly, John and Laursa stood up and went somewhere. “Where are you going?” I yelled, but she just winked at me. “They’re going to have a little fun.” Someone said.


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