Step brother

Step Brother
"Sweety! Wake up!" my mum woke me up at 3:30 am. Well, I’m (Y/N) and I live in L.A. only with my mum. My dad leaved us, when I was very young. I’m 16 and I don’t have any brother or sisters........

This is a amazing story from: officialjustinbieberimagines
I just want to share this beautiful love story with you guys❤️


22. Step Brother - 22


It was 6 am, and we were on the police station. I told Justin and mum what happened. “And Justin, he killed your mum.” His head fell down. I hugged him. Suddenly, we saw Patrick was coming with Policemen. He was looking at us. “Have fun, killer.” Justin yelled and cried. “Why did he do this? I thought he loves me.” “Me too.” My mum said.


2 moths later:

"So, where are we going today? McDonald’s maybe?" I asked mum while throwing my bag on the sofa. I just got home from school. "Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t like that junk food." I laughed.

So, me, mum and Justin are living in new house in Los Angeles. We left Patrick’s house and bought a new one. Patrick’s still in the prison, but we don’t really know what’s happening with him. We’re actually very happy together. Me and Justin are in the same school, but he’s 1 year older than me, so we don’t have same classes.

"I’m so hungry." Justin yelled when he got home from school. "I didn’t have much time, so I have nothing to eat. We have to go somewhere." She shrug her shoulders. Justin fell on the sofa. "McDonald’s or Burger King!" He raised his arms up and I laughed.

Mum shook her head. “No chance. We’re going in restaurant.” “And what’s McDonald’s? Bar or something?” I lifted my eyebrows. Mum rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “Yeah, it’s not funny. Let’s go.” Justin slowly stood up and took his jacket. “Damn.” He whispered into my ear and held my hand.

We sat on the car and drove away. “So, how was you day?” Mum asked while driving. “Cool.” Justin said. “Well, tomorrow is some party at school. It’s weird, though. But I actually like it. Alcohol is allowed.” Justin continued. My mum opened her eyes. “You’re so not going.” I made a weird face. “Excuse me?” I asked. It was kinda bitchy tone, but whatever.

"You heard me. You’re staying at home. Cleaning the house." I rolled my eyes and looked away. "Just call the maid. Easier way." Justin suggested. Mum squeezed her face and shook her head. "I’m not sure about this."

The car stopped in front of restaurant. “Oh, please.” Justin made fake smile. “We’ll talk about this later.” We stepped out of the car. “We can clean the pool today.” I took her arm. She stopped walking. “I said, we’ll talk about this later. Are you deaf?” I let her arm and looked down. She continued walking. Justin came to me and held my back. “We’re going.” I smiled.

We sat at the tables and ordered food. “So, mum, how’s your love life?” I started the conversation. She squeezed her eyes a little and out her hands on the table. “Why are you asking me that?” I shrug. “I’m curious.” She slowly nod her head. “Well, it’s fine, but it’s not the best. Like you.” She giggled and so did Justin. “Not funny.” I looked at mum. “At all.” I turned to Justin. He stopped laughing and slowly looked at me.

Suddenly, I felt my period on my skin. “O shi- I have to pee.” I smiled. I quickly stood up and ran to the toilet. “Shit, shit, shit.” I was mumbling all the way to the toilet.

I harshly opened the doors and took a tampon from my pocket. I don’t know why, but I always have tampons in my pockets. I changed everything and tried to unlock the doors, but they were stuck. “What the-” I pushed them harshly, but they didn’t move not even for inch.

Suddenly I heard someone stepped in. “I know, it’s just… I hate it here.” Larissa? What the fuck is she doing here? “Can you.. Help me?” I asked. “Who’s there?” Larissa asked. “Just help me with doors.”

She pushed the doors and finally they opened. She made ‘o’ with her lips when she saw me. “(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” I lifted my eyebrows. “I was peeing. It’s kinda obvious.” I wanted to wash my hands, but she stopped me by holding my arm. “Is Justin here?” I saw her eyes were sparkling when she said Justin. She still loves him.

I rolled my eyes and let my arm. I washed my hands and walked out. “Hey! I asked you something.” She yelled, but I didn’t really give a fuck for her.

I came back and food was already on the table. “Lasagna!” I smiled. “Bon Appétit.” Justin giggled. “You won’t believe who’s here.” I whispered into his ear. “Who?” I couldn’t even say her name, she was already in front of us.

"Hey Justin. Hello everybody. It’s so nice to see you." She was acting like a bitch. O gosh, I hate that attitude. I turned my head and rolled my eyes. "Well, hey Larissa." Justin was kinda confused. "I just wanted-" "We’re eating, if you can’t see. So please, go. It was nice to see you too. Goodbye." I interrupted her.

She stopped and made a weird face. “Ok? Well, I just wanted to say hello.” “And you did.” I fake smiled. “(Y/N), don’t be so rude!” My mum almost yelled. I sighed. “Goodbye than.” She harshly turned around and walked away. “Not nice.” Mum whispered. “Tell that to her.” I rolled my eyes and continued eating. “She’s such a great person. You should show a little respect to her.” I wasn’t paying attention at all.

At home:

"So, can we go tomorrow? We made a deal. Just saying." I smiled. "No, you’re not going. Just Justin. Your behavior today were hopeless. Just saying." "But-" Justin tried to convinced her. "Don’t Justin. Don’t say anything. I have the last word in this house." I rolled my eyes and ran upstairs to my room.

I threw my bag on the bad and sighed loudly. “(Y/N)…” Justin tried to calm me down. “No Justin, I can’t calm down. I was waiting for this party for 2 fucking months. I want to have fun too!” I sat down on the bad and Justin joined me. “Don’t worry, we can sneak out. We’ll figure out something.” He kissed my forehead. I hugged him. “And what is this bitch doing here? I’m pretty sure she’ll come tomorrow on that party, even she’s not on this school.” I joked and Justin laughed.


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