Step brother

Step Brother
"Sweety! Wake up!" my mum woke me up at 3:30 am. Well, I’m (Y/N) and I live in L.A. only with my mum. My dad leaved us, when I was very young. I’m 16 and I don’t have any brother or sisters........

This is a amazing story from: officialjustinbieberimagines
I just want to share this beautiful love story with you guys❤️


21. Step Brother - 21


"So, where’s he?" Ryan asked. "Remember that landfill near the park? Larissa said he said he has to trash papers. He’s probably there." Ryan nod. "Clever." I laughed.

Suddenly, I stopped. Ryan looked at me. “What’s wrong? Landfill is 200 meters forward. “Look.” Ryan looked at the way my finger was pointing. “O my gosh.”


We both looked at the road. “Who would do this?” Ryan whispered. I shook my head and kept looking on the sign above pizzeria. “Fools. Wrong decision. The box is somewhere in here.”

"Where here?" Ryan was so confused. "Come." I took his arm and he followed me in the pizzeria. I looked at the time and it was 2 am.

"Shit, closed." I yelled. "Don’t worry. We’ll come tomorrow." Ryan was caressing my shoulders. "I can’t come tomorrow! I need to find my family right now." I looked down and covered my face with my hands. "Ok. We’ll find them. Now." I looked at Ryan and took a deep breath. I came closer to him and hugged him.

Suddenly, I saw something while hugging him. I smiled. “Come!” I ran to the trash. I opened it and saw box in. I knew it was Patrick’s cause on it was sign: Patrick. “I found it!” I laughed and so did Ryan. “Quick, open it.” Ryan was so excited.

I took the keys from my pocket and cut scotch tape. I slowly opened it. “Mum’s jacket?” I opened my eyes even more when I pulled jacket of the box. “Look, there’s note.” On the bottom of the box was a piece of paper. “Well done. Go back to your house now. It’s time for answers.”

"He or she is in my house. Quick, let’s go." I took mum’s jacket and we ran back to the park. "I can’t believe that someone can be so cruel." I cried. "I know. He or she deserves to be in jail." Ryan hugged me and we walked home.

Before we stepped in, I stopped Ryan. “Do you have any knifes or something for defense?” He shook his head. “I’ll beat him.” I giggled a little and we went in.

"Hello?" I whispered. Ryan took my hand and we slowly went in the living room. "Patrick?" I squeezed my eyes. He was sitting on the sofa. "How did you come home? Where were you? Where’s Justin?" I sat next to him, and hugged him. "You came here for answers, right?" He whispered. I slowly looked at him.

"Patrick?" I asked him again. "How did you-" "I wrote this note." He made an evil smile. "You did this?" I slowly stood up and I wanted to kill him. I was looking at him with disgust in my eyes. He stood up too. "You really are clever." He was laughing like crazy.

"You’re the biggest and cruelest-" "Yeah, yeah, I heard this already." He rolled his eyes. "But why? I loved you like my dad. I thought you’re nice and kind and-" "Shut up! I don’t want to listen. I always hated Justin and his mum. I killed her!" I was shocked. "Why?" I whispered. I realized Justin and mum are in danger. He could kill them.

"She destroyed my life when she got pregnant." And he just killed her? "But I couldn’t kill Justin, cause…" He stopped. I squeezed my eyes. "I just couldn’t. But I’ll do it today." The tear fell on my cheek. "You’re so sick!" I yelled and pushed him hard. He fell on the floor but he stood up very quick. "You’ll be so sorry." He yelled back at me. He held my neck and started to choke me.

"Ryan!" I called him for helping me. But he was just standing there and looking at me. "What? Do you need help?" He was laughing. "Don’t kill her yet." Ryan whispered and Patrick let me go. "You’re helping him?" I touched my neck. Ryan smiled and nod. "I thought we were friends."

"We were. But Justin fucked my girlfriend. So I had to revenge him." I slowly closed my eyes. I was shocked. My friends wanted to kill me. "Where are they?" Patrick looked at me. "On the safe place. Where nobody can find them." He smiled.

Ryan went to the kitchen for some soda and Patrick sat on the sofa. I was standing in front of him. Suddenly, I saw mud on his shoes. “The old wooden garden house.” I whispered to myself. “What?” Patrick asked cause he didn’t hear me. “I said I need to pee. Please.” I begged him. He took a deep breath and rolled his eyes.

He took my arm and we went to the bathroom. “I’ll wait for you here, so you can’t escape.” I closed the doors and went in. I slowly opened the window and went out. “Faster.” Patrick was yelling on me. I quickly ran to the garden house. I opened the doors. “Mum, Justin?” I whispered.

"(Y/N)!" Justin said and ran to me. He hugged me. "Are you ok?" I nod and kissed him. "Where’s mum?" He pointed at her and she slowly came closer. "Mum!" I hugged her. "He’s the killer." She whispered. We nod.

We went out, but Ryan was standing in front of us. He scared the shit out of us. “You wanted to escape?” He giggled. “Ryan, please, help us. We were always so good friends. Forget the revenge. Larissa is all yours. Justin doesn’t even love her. Please.” I begged him and went to my knees. I hugged his legs and cried. “Please.”

He was looking at me, crying. “Ok, but go, quick! Patrick would kill me.” I kissed his cheek and we ran to the police station. We had luck, Patrick didn’t see us.


It was 6 am, and we were on the police station. I told Justin and mum what happened. “And Justin, he killed your mum.” His head fell down. I hugged him. Suddenly, we saw Patrick was coming with Policemen. He was looking at us. “Have fun, killer.” Justin yelled and cried. “Why did he do this? I thought he loves me.” “Me too.” My mum said.


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