Illegal Love

He's in College while I'm still in High school, we both love each other but he's way to old for me, but I guess when you love someone you'll break the law for them, so I guess you can call this Illegal love


3. Chapter Two

-Rachel's p.o.v-

Hearing the lunch bell ring I quickly gathered my belongings and shoved them in my bag before placing it on my shoulder and walking towards the door everyone crowded around trying to get out, rolling my eyes at how dumb they looked I took a few steps back so that I wouldn't get trampled. Being the last one to exit the class room I walked down the hallway and over towards my locker seeing Crystal leaning up against it with her arms crossed.

Clearing my throat to catch her attention she turned and faced me giving me a hard glare. Letting out an awkward cough I put in my combination and opened my locker. "What" I asked while shoving my bag in my locker, grabbing my phone I slipped it in my pocket before slamming the locker door shut. Looking around the hallway I've noticed people still lounged around with their friends. "What took you so long"She complained and she throw her arms up in the air while letting out a dramatic sigh. Damn dramtic much.

Groaning I turned to face her and rolled my eyes, giving me another glare I smiled up at her innocently before giggling. "Chris stop being such a drama queen"I stated as I called her by the nickname I gave her back in elementary. Letting out a small whine we head towards the cafeteria. "I am not being a drama queen, it's just I'm hungry and you took 50 years just to get to your damn locker." Letting out a long sigh i rolled my eyes and we both walked into the cafeteria.

-Justin p.o.v-

Once I left Rachel's school after I dropped her off I went straight to my college. Parking my car I shut it off and got out slamming the door shut. Putting my ray bands on my eyes I grabbed my backpack out of the back seat before locking my car doors. Making my way up to the doors of the college I saw Paige standing with her friends, you see Paige was my girlfriend, well more like fuck buddy since that all we do but to her we're dating

Going over to her I wrapped my arms around her waist bringing her closer to me and leaning down to whisper in her ear."Hey babe, meet me in room 463 in 15"I said pulling back from her, nodding her head in response I turned to walk away but not before giving all her friends a wink causing them to fan their selves and giggle like crazy. Chuckling to myself I pushed opened the double doors and walked inside.


okay so I know this chapter is really short but I really wanted to update for you guys, but I promise the next chapter will be longer <3 I hope you guys like this chapter, comment and tell me what you think?

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