Illegal Love

He's in College while I'm still in High school, we both love each other but he's way to old for me, but I guess when you love someone you'll break the law for them, so I guess you can call this Illegal love


4. Chapter Three

-Rachel's p.o.v-

Hearing the last bell ring signaling that school was finally over I quickly packed my things and rushed out of the door not wanting to be tramples by the older kids that was in my class room. Going over to my locker I put in my combination and opened it, shoving my literature book in my bag I slammed my locker shut and let out a deep breath.

Hearing my name be called I snapped my head up to see crystal walking over to me. "Hey Rachel"She said giving me a small smile."so you coming over later on"She asked while taking out her phone, shrugging my shoulders I took a glance around the hallway that I was currently standing in. People were making out like it was the end of the world or either texting or just talking to there friends.

Sucking in a sharp breath I looked back at Crystal and bit my lip "I don't know I think I'm supposed to go over to Justin's today"I said as I started to walk down the hall and towards the entrance of the school. "Oh well can't you like ditch him and come over or something"Shaking my head I pushed opened the doors walking out. Looking around the parking lot for Justin I finally spotted him. "Um I gotta go Justin's here"I said and gave her a quick hug before speeding away before she had the chance of begging me to come over.

Walking over to Justin's car I noticed someone was in the front seat, rolling my eyes slightly I notice it was Paige Justin's "girlfriend" Sighing I opened the door and got in the back seat. "Hey Rachel, how was school"Justin asked as he backed out of the parking space, shrugging y shoulders I turned and looked out the window not bothering to answer his question.

Pulling into the driveway of his house I quickly got out the car and purposely slammed the door before stocking up to his front door and walking inside. I know your probably like why did I just walk in his house like that but his house is practically my house to so that's why I just basically walked inside.

Going into the living room I dropped my bag by the couch before going into the kitchen where I saw Pattie. "Hi pattie"I said and gave her a small smile before going to the fridge and grabbed a water bottle."Hi honey how was school"She asked smiling at me before she continued washing the dishes."It was good i guess"I said leaning up against the counter as I opened my water bottle and took a huge gulp, well hey I am thirsty considering I didn't really drink much today, why well because the schools water fountain water is gross.

Licking my lips I watched as pattie washed the dishes, hearing giggling noises from the leaving room I rolled my eyes at how annoying she sounded just by giggling I mean seriously you sound like a hyena when you giggle or laugh I honestly don't see why Justin's dating her she's not even that pretty, okay maybe I'm lying she looks like she can be a model, sighing lightly I groaned why can't he date someone like me I'm cute right of course I am maybe he doesn't want to date me because I'm to young but age ain't nothing but a number right.

Taking another gulp of my water I screwed the cap back on before walking out of the kitchen and into the living room where I saw Justin and Paige sucking faces. Seriously couldn't they take that shit to his room or something. Letting out a fake gagging sound the broke apart and Paige glared at me as I walked over to the couch to grab my bag, as she continued to glare at me I got real annoyed."Take a picture it'll last longer"I snapped at her before turning around and walking back into the kitchen were I planed to do my homework.

Sitting down at the table I places my bag on the table before getting out my literature book. Our homework for English class was to read and write an 5 paragraph essay on Romeo and Juliet which isn't hard to do,hearing another giggle come from the living room I rolled my eyes once again before taking out my iPod and earphones and started on my homework as I blocked the both of them out.


Okay I know this is a sucky chapter and all but it's 3:20 am and I really wanted to update so I hope you guys like it comment and tell me what you think (:

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