Honor is unnoticed, but notices everyone, even knows all their names - the jocks, the slackers, the nerds, the fakes, everyone. Harry and Eleanor have been her best friends since they started. This boy, Niall, occasionally comes to their school, just to hang out with the bad boys, Zayn, Liam and Louis. But what happens when she is noticed? Not just by them, but the whole school? What will happen when Niall wants her? Considering he always gets what he wants.


3. Three

Niall had this effect on me, and he only said a few words. My heart is still pounding, and I can still smell his scent. But what was he doing here? He doesn’t go to school here, does he? No, he’s a drop out.

“There you are!” shouts a voice behind me. I turn around and was already in someone’s arms. Harry. He pulled back, hands on both my shoulders. “Why’d you leave like that?” asks my worried best friend.

“Like what?” I ask confused.

“Why did you just get up and leave? You left without saying a word.” He says a little hurt.

“I-I just felt sick…” I trail off. He furrowed his eyebrows, searching me with his green eyes.

“You do look like it. But it looks like you just have the early stages of the cold.” He buys my lie. “Let’s get to class or Mr Adams will blow the roof.” He says adding a chuckle at the end.

I sneak a glance behind Harry to see if Niall was there. But he wasn’t. I breathe a short sigh of relief, before walking to my assigned room.

The bell rang as we entered class and everyone was talking loudly. Harry and I take our seats in the middle of the class. Eleanor has a different class. The class soon quieted as Mr Adams walked in with his folders and separated papers in his arms.

“Good morning class. I hope you’re all doing well.” He says as he sets his stuff down. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have any work for you this lesson, so today you can just sit back and relax.” He said, sitting back on his chair, probably starting a game in his iPad.

“That’s the first.” I whispered to Harry who was surprised as I was that our teacher even gave us a free period.

“I know. Where’s the tonnes of work I was expecting from Mr Adams, the strict Math teacher?” as we get up and walk out the classroom. Well, the teacher isn’t going to notice so…

Harry and I talk for a while pretty much about random stuff before we headed back to class to collect our bags. The bell rings, meaning that it’s 2nd lunch.




After school, Harry asked if I wanted a ride home and I accepted. On the way there, he invited me to some party he and some of his other friends were going to this weekend. When I told him that I didn’t want to be there will lots of people I didn’t know, he said that he already invited Eleanor who accepted earlier. I accepted his offer and thanked him before stepping out if his car, walking up to me house.

“HELLO? IS ANYBODY HOME?!” I shouted through the house hoping someone was here.

“Yes, there’s no need to shout, Honor.” My mother came in, drying a bowl.

 “Right, sorry. Can I go to a party this weekend? Harry and Eleanor are going.” I asked, not really giving thought into this.

“Uh…’ my mum thought unsurely. She wasn’t use to letting me go anywhere without my brothers by my side. Speaking of my brothers, they walk in just in time to join in the conversation.

“Are you talking about that party that’s going to be on the weekend at Harley’s house?”  Harley was the popular jock who always had parties every weekend. Mum wasn’t sure if she wanted to let me, her knowing that the kid’s always partying. My brothers knew his older brothers, Henry and Jason.

“I think so, Harry didn’t say a name.” I reply. I know my Mum was not so sure on letting me go because if I didn’t know the name of the host of the party, she wouldn’t let me go. Luckily my brothers knew what I was talking about.

“Since the boys know who is running this party, I guess I can let you go. But you have to do the dishes every night until the night of the party. Wash and dry.” She says as she turned back to do the dishes.

“YES!” I clapped, startling my mother because of my loudness. “Sorry, Mum.” I apologise. Danny and Austin laugh at me. I stuck out my tongue before heading upstairs to call Harry saying that I was allowed.




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