Honor is unnoticed, but notices everyone, even knows all their names - the jocks, the slackers, the nerds, the fakes, everyone. Harry and Eleanor have been her best friends since they started. This boy, Niall, occasionally comes to their school, just to hang out with the bad boys, Zayn, Liam and Louis. But what happens when she is noticed? Not just by them, but the whole school? What will happen when Niall wants her? Considering he always gets what he wants.


1. One

I was heartbroken. The boy that managed to help me through the years of tough times had me broken. I didn’t expect what had happened to actually happen, not even to me.

I had a restless sleep last night, twisting and turning. It’s never comfortable now. I have school today, hopefully that it’ll take my mind off certain things.

I get out from bed, making my way to the bathroom, making sure not to make too much noise, since my parents are still asleep. They should be up soon for work. Before I walk into the bathroom, I grab a towel from the linen cupboard. I close and lock the door, turning on the shower, making it warm, then strip off my clothes I just wore to bed. Stepping into the shower and letting the water hit my body felt good. The feeling of this just makes me feel relaxed. After scrubbing my body, and washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner, I turn off the shower, stepping out before wrapping myself in the towel. I wipe my feet on the bath mat before walking onto the freezing cold tiled floors. I head to my bedroom and lock the door after closing it. I dry myself as I walk towards my drawers, thinking of what I should wear today. I grab some undergarments, a dark blue pair of jeans, and a tank top with a blue zip-up hoodie.

I slip on my clothes before putting on my Converses. After checking that my outfit was okay, I grab my books I need for the day and head out with my bag on both shoulders. I look to the clock, just before I descended the stairs as it read 6:30. Whoa. I’m ready early, aren’t I? I was halfway down the stairs before my mum yelled out to turn on the kettle. I said an ‘okay’ before walking into the kitchen and doing as I was told.

I look in the cupboard for some breakfast and spot some crumpets. I pull out the packet and the toaster and put some on, warming up the pancake-like bread. My mum came down in her robe and slippers.

“Not going to work today?” I asked, waiting on one of the stools that were next to the kitchen island.

“I have the day off today.” She said before letting a chuckle pass her lips.

“Right, every Wednesday.” I replied, before hearing the toaster *DING*, making me jump slightly. My mum laughed before she turned to make her coffee.

“How are my girls doing today?” My dad walked in, giving a kiss on my forehead and a kiss on my mum’s lips.

“Good.” I replied, putting butter on my hot crumpets.

“Good morning, family.” My brother yawned as he entered the kitchen.

“Son, you ready for your first day of work today?” My dad asked my brother, Ryan.

“Yep, ready as I’ll ever be.” My brother yawned again. My mum let out a small laugh before heading outside with Dad and her coffee.

“Why are you up so early?” I asked Ryan, as I start on my second crumpet.

“I heard people talking, so…” he trailed off, knowing that he had woken up from our voices.

I nodded as I took in his answer. I wonder he just heard voices when he’s asleep. That’s weird.

Finishing the crumpet, I head to the lounge and take out my phone. I tap the Twitter app and see that I’ve gained 3 followers since the last time I was on.

None of any of my followers are from school, so that’s good. I don’t even like the people at school besides my best mates, Harry and Eleanor. They both met while working at a bakery, but they aren’t dating.

I check the time, which read 7:03. My mum walks in with dad right behind her.

“Mum, can I go to school early?” I ask her, grabbing an apple and taking a bite out of it.

“It’s too early, you can’t go now.” She said as her eyebrows furrowed.

I nodded at her decision, making my way outside to the front veranda and sit on the swinging chair. I like watching the sun rise. Today, it’s a bit late because daylight savings just ended. I stay out there for the next hour, just looking out at our street. People having their morning run/walk by themselves or with other people, maybe even with their dogs.

I head inside and pick up my bag from the counter, before saying my goodbyes to my parents, Ryan and my other two older brothers, Danny and Austin who had just woken up. I walk out, heading down the street before taking a left, which is the street of my school. I take the phone from my back pocket to check the time, which said 8:13. I have at least 17 minutes before school starts. I walk to the back tables behind the school office, which is next to the car park. I sit on the table, taking my earphones out and plugging them into my phone, pressing play on my favourite song, Nothing like Us by Justin Bieber. I am a Justin Bieber fan.

Going through the photos on my phone, I found one of him and I. The smile on our faces told us that everything that happened was good. But there was something in Caden’s smile. There was this evil glint in his eye, but he hid that behind his smile very well now that I’ve seen this picture. The memories of that night still haunt me, but I don’t talk to my mum about it, even though I should. I realize that my vision has become blurry and some tears had run down my cheeks. I wipe them and quickly delete the photo, the last memory I have of him.

I check the time, as it read 8:24. 6 minutes to get to roll call. I get up from my spot on the table and make my way to my roll call room. I scan the school and see that the car park is full of students, kids around my age standing around their car, talking. I spot everyone there. It’s funny how they don’t seem to notice me though. The fakes are just twirling their hair around their finger and flirting with the jocks. The nerds are all huddled up around someone’s text book, probably trying to figure out the problem of the week our principle sends out via school email. The bad boys are standing against the fence, smoking and talking. They’re like the jocks – popular, they bully other kids, play sport and they’re good-looking. I don’t know what makes them the ‘bad boys’ though. I really have no idea. They just… look it.

I turn into the school building, heading to my room. As I enter, I take out my earplugs and turn off my music. The roll call teacher hates music for some reason. I love music. It takes me somewhere else. Some place better. A few more students enter the classroom before the 8:30 bell rings and Harry is one of them. Harry hurries to his seat right before the teacher enters.

“Hey.” He whispers as he set his bag on the table.

“Hi.” I reply back. I take out a book and start reading.

“Where’s Eleanor?” I asked, whispering so the teacher doesn’t catch us talking.

“She’s stuck in traffic. She’ll be here in around 10 minutes.” He whispered back.

“Okay” I said, before returning my attention to my book. A few minutes later, my reading was interrupted by the teacher speaking.

“Well, nice of you to join us, Malik, Payne and Tomlinson.” the teacher announces. I look up as they nod their heads in response. They take their usual spots, in the middle of the classroom, but make no sounds. They’re actually sitting in front of us, their usual spots. The smell of them smelt nice, like how a man should smell.

Not long after allowing them to take their seats, the teacher marks the roll before returning his attention to his iPad.

Our 15 minutes of roll call ended quite quickly. Everyone packs up and leave, heading to their first class of the day.


Its lunch now and Eleanor, Harry and I are sitting at a wooden picnic table the school has at the oval. This is our favourite spot to eat and talk. Eleanor woke up late and had to take a train from her cousin’s place, where she spent the night before.

“Here he is again.” Eleanor says rolling her eyes. I turn my head to see that Zayn, Liam and Louis are talking to Niall outside the gate. Niall is apparently a drop out but he visits his friends here all the time.



hello :D I had this idea for a story during school today, so I thought I'd write some and post a chapter. do you like it? I think this will be just a side story, please don't expect fast updates. I'm not a fast updater :(

please comment what you think, love/hate, I don't really mind, as long as I get feedback. :D

Right now, I'm supposed to clean my room but I'm sitting here, writing away. haha.

so, please comment, like and favourite if you want more, I'm sorry, I don't know when the next update is, I just wanted to get this story started. :D

tysm <3

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