cheer captain


5. Cheer Captain

Justin's POV*

I took a seat on my usual seat. I took a huge deep breathe and all of a sudden, my mind were now float around the space. "You're gonna be alright okay." Jasmine's voice float around the atmosphere. "Thanks. And no problem." her smile then poofed in my head. Jasmine, she's on my mind. I felt like I didn't thank her enough. I sigh and suddenly snapped up of my world. "I see you peekin, but you ain't speakin." One female smirked at me. I furrowed my eyebrow. No. I shook my head and looked away from her. Now everyone wants to be my friend. Wow. I looked out the window not paying attention in class. "hey cutie, what's your name?" another female said trying to get my attention. They want attention? Fine. "Justin. How about you?" I turned to her and flash her a smile. "Caitlin." she bit on her cute little lip. I licked my lips pretending as if I wanted her. Not. I don't want none of the girls from this school. They would show themselves just to get some attention. 

It was finally lunch time. Justin walked inside the cafeteria and all eyes were on him. Specially from the ladies. The only person that was not looking at him was Jasmine. She was busy getting Michael away from him. "Michael. For the last time, I'm still thinking about going to the party next week!" she rolled her eyes and brushed past him. Michael then turn around and grabbed her arms. "I just need one word baby, yes or no." he said. Justin furrowed his eye brow and walked over to them. "Hey, you should just leave her alone." Justin broke their arm away from each other, "and who are you?" Michael turned to Justin. "Wait.. Justin? Hey everyone this the little faggot that I beat up last week!" Michael chuckled shouted and everyone giggled. Except Jasmine. Justin in the other hand started getting heated. And out of nowhere, he grabbed Michael's collar and threw a clean punched in his eye. Hard enough to knock him down to the floor
Justin then went down and threw multiple punch beating him up. Like how he beat Justin down the week before. Jasmine backed up as her jaw dropped to the floor. She couldn't believe her eyes. At all. 

The securities finally broke up the fight. Justin and Michael didn't have a chance to fight back. They both got led to the office and got suspended. Michael got suspended from the game next week as well. Justin headed to his car and drove back home. Still mad. Today was a long day. He just want to lay down, thank god his mother isn't home at this time. But she'll find out one way or another. Justin sigh.

Meanwhile at school, Jasmine walked out the cafeteria still shock that Justin had beat up Michael. After all this time, he had finally stood up for himself. And not only that, he had save him from her. She bit her lower lip. She made her way to her class. She took out her books from her purse and her pen as well. She start to doodle in it. Still thinking about what happened earlier. 


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