cheer captain


3. Cheer Captain

"micheal !!! why the hell would you jump justin?" jasmine barged in front of michael. he turned to her and shrugged, "that's what he get's for not doing my homework the whole week" jasmine gave him a look "are you serious! do you're own damm homework you're such a little kid" "why do you even care? what is that yor new little boyfriend now huh?" michael shoved his face on jasmine. she gasped "no he's not! you're so freaking disrespectful for jumpinghim be nice for a change" jasmine clenched her eyebrown together and turn around making her hair slap his face. as she then made he way to her class. he kinda have a point there, why would she care... well she's not the kind of person who likes to hurt people. physically and emotionally. she care alot about people, stanger or not. she sigh and stared out the window after taking a seat the sun beamed jasmine's face and her eyes making her chocolate eyes sparkle in the sun. she suddenly started to think about what happened the day before. the way justin fell unconscious on her lap, and when they where at the hospital..his words replay on her mind, the way he looked at her that night made her stomach turn. she sigh, she hoped he was okay.

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