cheer captain


2. Cheer Captain

flash back: 

"okay. so we're gonna get him after school. alright?" Michael said to his friends. they nodded. Michael hate justin since forever. he's such a loser, he smirked as they made their own way to their classes. micheal spotted jasmine walking down the hallways. "hey goddess" he smirked as he reached to jasmine's butt. jasmine gasped and slapped him. "dont you ever touch me" she yelled and walked to her class, leaving michael holding his cheek. he's been trying to do jasmine, but she's hard head and obviously not inerested. he groan and walked away.


after school

justin's POV.

i walked down the street with my head down, ishoved my hands on my pocket as i kept walking, i sigh school was hell. as always, i dont even know why i still go there. i looked up to go through the alley, i took a huge deep breathe as i began to walk through it. as i was halfway there, someone suddenly tackled me to the ground. i groan and i looked up to see michael and five others of his friends. i sat up as they said something, i coughed and they started to jump me, for no reason i suddenly started to cough blood. they have been kicking me for the longest. aboyt ten minutes later, i heard them leave and suddenlu one person ran to me, my vision was blurry, but it was a female. the cheer captain, what was she doing here "you're gonna be alright okay" her angelic voice say, i finally came unconscious. 


i gasped as i sat up quick, i lokked around and i was still in the hospital, i realized it was a nightmare. i sigh and whipped the sweat off my forehead. i looked out the window as the suncrep in the curtains and through my face, i turn to the door as the nurse came in " good morning" she smiled warmly at me. "um when am i allowed to leave?" i asked "you're actually leaving today. your mother is gonna pick you up" she said sweetly. i nodded "alright thank you" i said and she smiled and set the breakfast on my lap. i stared at it i'm not hungry at all. i just wanted to go home " eat up" she said i just shook my head and pushed the food gently away from me "come on, you have to eat" she said " im not hungry" i said and suddenly my mom finally came in. she ran to me and gave me a huge hug. " oh my goodness? are you okay? what happened" she asked really worried. " nothing mom i want to go home" i said she nodded, the nurse sigh and took the chords off me. thankfully my mom brough me some fresh new clothes, i got up and went to the bathromm and changed. about five minutes later, i came back and my mom was there waiting for me. we then finally headed home. i took a huge deep breath, im not planning to go back to that school but... i sill need to thank jasmine for saving me and apologize for being rude. i sigh softly.


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