cheer captain


1. Cheer Captain


 jasmine's pov: 

i walk down the street as i plugged in my earphones. i was heading home from my cheer practice. as i did so, i heard slamming, punching and kicking from an alley nearby. i furrowed my eyebrow and made a litte turn. frighten out of my life, i heard a familiar voice. "fucking faggot" it's probably just me but it sounded like Michael. the jerk from school. i took a preek and gasped. i watched as him and his friends leave the alley- leaving a guy unconscious on the cold ground. i ran and kneeled down getting his head on my lap. his face looks familiar.. they totally messed him up. his eyes where halfway shut. "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" i said to myself taking out my phone and dialing 911. i pressed my phone over my ear. "you're gonna be alright okay" i said to him before his eyes shut close. i was having a panic attack. why would somebody do a stupid thing like this? Michael could get expelled from school for this! oh my god. somebody finally picked up. " hallo, this is 911 emergency contact how may i help you?" a women said through the phone "yeah, hello i have a unconscious man with me" i said rapidly as my heart race. jasmine clam down, calm down jasmine! i toke a huge deep breath as the woman on the phone asked for the address. i looked around and told her. i hanged up my phone and looked down at the guy, it's the same guy everyone have been making fun of every single day. Justin is his name, i believe. i frowned then, his hair scattered around his bloody forehead. i feel so bad for him. i waited until the ambulance get here. 

about five minutes later, they have finally arrived. i took a relief sigh and followed inside the truck, they asked me questions but i couldnt answer most of them, i mean, i dont know this guy at all. i played with my hands until we got to the hospital. i dripped a little call at home to insure my parents that i was okay and told them where i was at. i sat on the waiting room still panicking. i hope he's okay/ about an hour later, i lokked up as the nurse waled over to me"do you have any relation with this guy?" she asked. i shook my head. "no but he goes to the same shcool as me" i said. she nodded, "well, you can come visit him now. if you'd like." she said, i stood up and followed her to justin's room. we entered and there he laid, with a blank expression. i took a seat on the couch biting my lower lip. he watched as i did so. i looked up at him, "im so sorry about what happened" i said softly " why did you save me?" he simply asked " i cant just leave you in the middle of the alley after getting beatin" he's crazy. why wouldn't he want to get saved? " you're popular. you're suppose to hate nerds" he said "i'm not like the other populars at school" i replied, " bullshit. then why would you laugh whenever i get made fun of everyday at school? did you just do this to be more popular?" his voice raised. i suddenly felt like i just got slapped across the face. i felt guilt buitl up in me i frowned. i sat there silence " i saved you, you should be thankful, and no i didnt save you for any of that popular crap" i sigh looking down at my lap i heard him sigh as well. i felt my heart sink. i always feel this feeling whenever i know i hurt someone's feelings. and this is one of those times' " im gonna go" i said softly standing up from my seat. i walked over to the door and turn the doorknob walking out the room, i then headed home. 

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