Youtuber and Singer

Harry Styles (fanfiction)
Eleanor Sugg or Ellie is a youtuber.Harry Styles or Harry or Hazza is a member of One Direction.They both have trouble finding love,but what happens when Ellie is vlogging and bumps into Harry.
A/N:I hope you like it


6. Chapter 5

Harry's POV:

We went into her room and it was just wow. Lights around the top of her bed, even light above her desk area so she can see in the dark. Her family/friends in a picture thingy like what we did in "Story of my life" on her wall. She saw my stunned face and said you like my room. Umm yah I like your room, wait no I don't like your room I love your room. It's so pretty. We'll thank you I change the decor in my room when the seasons change. So right now it's just normal Ellie said. At least you can decorate your room I don't even get to see my room all the time with my busy schedule going on. Ah I see so your room just looks plain is what you are saying here huh Harry she said. Umm yah that is what I'm saying here I said. Why don't I come to your house and touch it up a bit if I can she suggested. Yah why not it would bring in some more decor to my room. Yup it will but is it ok with Paul or management. It's fine, it's not there room and house it's mine and the boys. And you can meet the boys too Ellie. Umm I guess so Ellie said shyly. Don't be shy their like me just a little more crazier and more retarded I guess I can say.

Ellie's POV:

Oh gosh I get to meet the boys. This should be fun. So when we got to their house it was probably one of the nicest house I've seen before despite the messy house it would've been nicer if they could clean it, then it would look nicer. So Ellie this is Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam as you should already know Harry said politely introducing the boys. Well nice to meet you guys umm where do I start now huh Harry I asked. You start next week Harry said. Wait what I thought I was starting today I said surprised. Well I told you, you can but you get to meet the boys first, then you can another day Harry said. Umm you didn't tell me about all that, you told me to touch your room a bit not to meet the boys only I said mad. Well sorry I thought would like to do it this way he said sad. Well I met them and I'm going home, sorry but I think I'm not going to fix up anything anymore I said walking quickly to the door. Wait Eleanor no stay here Harry said. No never mind I don't want to stay here Harry I said sad and disappointed. No stay please, you didn't really meet the boys, you just said nice to meet you but didn't talk to them Harry said still sad. Ok fine I'll stay to hang out with them but I won't be long.

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