Youtuber and Singer

Harry Styles (fanfiction)
Eleanor Sugg or Ellie is a youtuber.Harry Styles or Harry or Hazza is a member of One Direction.They both have trouble finding love,but what happens when Ellie is vlogging and bumps into Harry.
A/N:I hope you like it


4. Chapter 3

Harry's POV:

Oh my gosh she said. Your Harry Styles right she ask quietly. Yes I am but why are you talking quietly. Oh because I don't anybody drawing attention to us she said. Oh that's right, umm what's your name I asked her. I'm Eleanor Sugg. Are you related to Zoe Sugg. Yes I am, I forgot you met her already. Is your camera ok it kinda dropped. I think I'm going to have to get a new one or just use my iPhone 5 to vlog. No it was my fault I bumped into you when it was exiting Starbucks, I will buy you a new one. Are you busy. I kinda need to buy my brother Joe some groceries Eleanor said. I can come with you I'm not doing anything and then we can buy you your new camera. No it's fine you don't have to. Nope I wanna buy it for you, so your subscribers can watch your vlogs.

Eleanor's POV:

Wow Harry is so nice. Umm ok I guess I said unsure. Let's go then he said. (Skip to buying a new camera) Harry I cannot let you buy me that camera it's so expensive I said. But I have some money to buy it Harry said. But no I said. But to bad I'm already paying for it Harry said. On are way to my house Harry exchanged phone numbers with me and helped carry the groceries Joe wanted. Thanks for helping me buy the groceries and buy my new camera. No problem, let's just say I sometimes watch your videos when Niall watches them. Oh wow do you like them I asked shyly. Yah, you and your older siblings are cool and weird. Well yah I guess. Umm can I come inside he asked. Sure you can meet my brother since you met Zoe already. Ok he said.

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