The trip of our life!

This book is about me and my other friend Chloe,Freya,Nardia and Caitlin. In this we go to Paris with the school and meet one direction there they all hug us!


2. Trip today!!!!

I was the only one asleep as where everyone was up until....... OMG CHLOE WAKE UP NOW!!! "What Chloe" (sorry guys I have a best friend called Chloe to hope it's not confusing for you all) Chloe said" ONE DIRECTION HOLDING SIGNS ONG AND HARRYS HOLDING MINEE EEE" Cool I replied. Niall held my name, Harry held the other Chloe's name, Louis held Freya's and Liam held Nardia's but Zayn held Perrie who was coming back today and guess what on our plane omg this I great!!!

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