The Worst Fanfiction Ever Written

So I decided to write this as a joke, I've read a lot of fanfiction with some of these 'mistakes' like really odd phrasing and/or really bad story lines.
So... sit back, relax and marvel over this fanfiction and hopefully you will have couple of laughs along the way.
Cringe worthy moments take up 99% of this book..


9. Party Alert!

OMG I literally cannot believe that I am in the same room as One Direction! How did I get so lucky?!

Niall and Louis were playing FIFA, Zayn was on his phone and Liam was sitting in the corner praying to the gods of his innocence. He is just so innocent! He doesn't drink, party, swear or anything like what the other boys do! Harry and I are sitting on the couch watching the FIFA game.

"Oh cheeseburger and jelly beans I won the game!" Niall shouted before he picked up his sandwich and continued eating.

"OH MY CARROTS HOW DARE YOU WIN AGAINST ME?!" Louis shouted back at Niall before he did the Z formation click and sat back into the couch sulking.

"OMG GUYZZZZZZZ I JUST HAD THE BESTEREST IDEA EVERRRRR!!!!" Louis stood back up and continued to shout at us all.


There was a rumble of yes' around the room before Liam spoke up, "no, no, no! Parties are not good for the health, we all need to stay in and wrap ourselves in bubble wrap and watch the Notebook."

Harry smirked and stood up pulling me up with him.

"We'll meet you at Abby's place in an hour, she's having a party tonight."


*At Harry's place*

I went to his shower and took a shower *shocker that one* Harry joined me after a couple minutes and guess what happened?! We... Well you know how it goes ;)

With half an hour to spare I changed into leggings, an oversized sweater, and some TOMS. I put on some "light" makeup as usual and put my hair into *wait for it* a messy bun. But not just any messy bun! It was a low messy bun! OMG so kewl!

"Bby do I look okay?" I asked Harry.

"You look perfect as usual bby" Harry smirked and I blushed.

Harry was wearing some really sexy tight black jeans and a tight black V Neck shirt. We walked out to his car and got in it. Once again I sang along to the radio, stunning Harry with my amazingly perfect voice.


*At the party*

The house was blaring music and was of course a mansion. 

"Hey I'm Abby," a girl with blonde hair, Pamela Anderson sized boobs and a black dress that just covered her ass stuck her hand out in front of me, "welcome to the party!"

This party was all filled with booze and drunk people! What could go wrong right?

"Hey bby, I'm gonna go get us a drink I'll be back in a min k?" Harry smirked before walking into the kitchen. I saw Niall in the corner making out with a hot dog, Louis with what I presumed was his girlfriend eating carrots, Zayn was talking to a girl with blonde hair who looked very familiar... I wonder who she is...

Liam came along to the party and was going around the room taking drinks from people and pouring them down the sink. "Naughty, naughty people drinking naughty, naughty stuff doing naughty, naughty things with naughty, naughty people." He mumbled as he scurried past me with red cups full of alcohol. 

I wandered around for quite a while just looking for Harry, he wasn't any where to be seen!

Neither was Abby for that matter, maybe they're just talking in private. Eventually I wandered outside and saw a familiar looking face in the darkness with a certain blonde. 

They were talking very, very close... NO! They are kissing! OMGGG MY LIFE IS OVERRRRR!!

Tears rose in my orbs and blurred my vision immensely, Harry pulled away from her and looked over to see me. A look of horror crossed his face as I turn around and ran away from him and away from the party.

I heard him calling me in the distance but I couldn't take it anymore, I'm so done with him! How dare he kiss her?! My life is officially overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


*Heyyyyyy sexy people of the internet! Thank you for all the likes, faves and comments!

Also this book has been nominated for a Paper Award which is amazing! I feel honored! Pretty please go over and vote for me on Mirlotta 's book "The Paper Awards" if you do I will forever love you and I will eat a banana for every person who votes! Btw I hate bananas so that's a big thing for me to say ahaha please vote!!

Stay sexy my mofos and thank you for everything! 

Secretive <3*

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