The Worst Fanfiction Ever Written

So I decided to write this as a joke, I've read a lot of fanfiction with some of these 'mistakes' like really odd phrasing and/or really bad story lines.
So... sit back, relax and marvel over this fanfiction and hopefully you will have couple of laughs along the way.
Cringe worthy moments take up 99% of this book..


7. Boys

I woke up this morning. I was in a tangled mess of limbs with Harry. My head was buried in his chest.

"Mornin' bby" He mumbled and smirked at me. 

"Oh Harry I didn't know you were even awake even though I was totally hand raping you!" I exclaimed my face going red at the thought he was awake the whole time. 

"S'alright bby how bout I make ya some breakfast?"

"That would be delightful Harry!"

He untangled us and hopped on into the kitchen pulling on some pants on the way. I hopped out of the bed and put on one of Harry's shirt it went all the way to my knees! (That's some pretty amazing stuff right?) 

"Ey bby, brekkie is ready!" Harry shouted from the kitchen.

I walked into the kitchen.

"I didn't know you could cook!"

There was an entire american buffet style breakfast! With sausages, eggs, waffles, muesli, berries, coco pops, cheerios, porridge, bacon, eggs benedict, cinnamon rolls, croissants and an arrange of different beverages. 

"Yeah bby I just whipped it up for u." harry winked and smirked. I blushed. 

After eating all of the food Harry said to me...

"I want u 2 meet my friends bby coz lyke we've been dating 4 ages and lyke I want u 2 meet them." Harry said.

"Why yes Harry I'd luv 2 meet them!" I replied happily.

"Then 2nite bby, we will go 2 meet them."

Well this should be fun!


*Hey sexy mofos! Are you enjoying this "fanfic?" I love writing it is soooo much fun! Thank you all so much for the likes and favourites!!!! Keep commenting ideas y'all :) Love you to the moon and back! I'm also really hungry but I'm too lazy to go get some food... Do you guys ever get that? lol random

xo Secretive <3

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