The love of my life!

Riley lives with her parents who are really rich. She's 17 and is in her third year of high school when she meets Harry he changes her life. But her parents dont approve of Harry because they think he is a bad influence and he isn't wealthy like they are. Will she stay with Harry or listen to her parents find out in the love of my life!


6. The date

I heard the bell ring and I ran to open it. I saw Harry's beautiful face and smiled. "wow babe you look hot!" he smiled. "thanks Harry you don't look so bad yourself." he grabbed my hand and we walked to his car. "so what movie you wanna see?" he asked. "it doesn't matter." he drove off into the night. We got to the movies and Harry got out the car and ran over to my side. He grabs my hand and we walk into the movies. Harry picks some stupid movie. "Harry do we have to see this movie?" I sigh "babe who said were gonna be watching the movie" he winks. I know exactly what he means and I smile. We walk into the dark room and sit in the back. He puts his hand on my thigh and I smile. He comes closer and our lips meet. We start kissing and it got heated, I was gonna take off his shirt when I realized that we were in a public place. I pulled away. "what's wrong babe?" he asked confused. "Harry were in a public place." he laughs "oh yeah I forgot." we both decide to leave. We walk back to his car and he drives to an ice cream shop. "what are we doing here?" i ask curiously. "I didn't want to cut our date short and I like ice cream so here we are." I laugh and say "ok." he orders the ice cream and we sit and talk. "Harry your a really great guy." I say shyly "thanks babe your not so bad yourself." we both laugh. We finish up and he drives me home. We say good bye and I go inside. I dance around happily and smile to myself. I fall asleep with Harry in my head. 

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