The love of my life!

Riley lives with her parents who are really rich. She's 17 and is in her third year of high school when she meets Harry he changes her life. But her parents dont approve of Harry because they think he is a bad influence and he isn't wealthy like they are. Will she stay with Harry or listen to her parents find out in the love of my life!


3. Meeting Harry!

Harry's POV

I walked in the room and sat in the back. Some old lady who I guess was the teacher was introducing me. A hot girl looked back at me and I winked she smiled and turned around. I spent the whole period looking at that girl. I really didn't care about school I was only here because I'am on probation and if I don't go to school they will take me to jail. I really don't want to go back to jail. The period ended and I walked up to that hot girl and said "hey babe want to go to a movie tonight?" 

Rileys POV 

"hey babe want to go to a movie tonight?" I heard a deep British voice say. I looked back and saw harry right in front of me. I finally got I look at him up close he had brown curly hair, emerald green eyes, a lot of tattoo, and a killer smile. He was more than cute he was sexy. I smiled and said "with who?" I really liked Harry so of course I would say yes but I didn't want to seem desperate. "with me of course." I smiled and said "yeah" he smiled and said "ok babe pick you up at 8." he smiled and walked away. I ran to my best friend Gladys to tell about the date. "OMG guess who has a date with Harry!" I said excited. "" she said "yep I can't wait! You want to go to the mall and help me pick an outfit?" I sweetly smiled. "I don't know I have a lot of home work." she sadly said "please!" I put a puppy dog "you know I can't resist that puppy dog face! I will go to the mall with you." I hugged her and said "that why I love you!" she laughed and said "I love you too!" I was walking to first period when someone stopped me "hey babe I forgot to ask your name and your address to pick you up."he said 

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