The love of my life!

Riley lives with her parents who are really rich. She's 17 and is in her third year of high school when she meets Harry he changes her life. But her parents dont approve of Harry because they think he is a bad influence and he isn't wealthy like they are. Will she stay with Harry or listen to her parents find out in the love of my life!


4. Meeting Harry! (continued)

Riley's POV

"my name is Riley and I will text you my address." I smiled "Ok Riley but I don't have your number." I asked him for his phone and put my number in and for contact name I put my babe <3! He looked at his phone an laughed. He asked for my phone and then put his number in and for contact name he put my boo! I handed me my phone and left I realized I was gonna be late to class. I ran to my 1st period class and came in just in time. The whole day was pretty boring I couldn't wait for my date with Harry. The day finally ended and I walked to Gladys's locker and asked her if she was ready to go. "yep lets go!" we walked out to my car and drove to the mall. "wait why do you need a new outfit? You have so many cloths!" she said "I want to wear something new tonight!" we walked around the mall and finally went into forever 21. There I bought a pair of black skinny jeans and a shirt that was open in the back and some white vans. We walked around the mall a little longer and then I drove back to my house. I asked Gladys to help me get ready for my date. We went into my room and I looked at the time it was 6:50 I had to get ready for my date. I got in the shower while Gladys was texting. I got out and dried my self then I put on the black skinny jeans and the shirt I had bought from forever 21. Gladys did some loose curls on my hair and put on my makeup. When we finished it was 7:45 we walked downstairs and I was glad my parents were not home. My mom would say that I didn't look like a lady and I should always wear skirts and dresses. My parents were never really home but when they were they would control every part of my life. I drove Gladys home and told her thank you. I quickly drove back home and texted Harry my address. It was 7:55 and I was happy that I had been ready on time.

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