Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


39. The Test

Liv’s POV

That was it. The minute we pulled up into the house I ran out of the car and straight into a group of the bushes, my stomach was weak and I felt this sudden urge to throw up. I heard the car come to a complete stop before Louis was next to me rubbing my back.

“Oh my gosh Liv are you okay?” He asks with a worried expression on his face.

“Just open the house please, i would rather be in the bathroom right now” I say before seeing him grab our stuff and rushing over t the house to open the front door.

Cautiously I got up started walking to the door. My head was pounding and my stomach was turing uncontrollably. Just before reaching the stairs I felt it again. I immediately ran towards the kitchen sink before throwing up once again.

“What is going on?” Louis asked while holding my hair back from my face, “Did you get food poisoning?” he asked me curiously.

“I don’t even know” I reply back unsure, “Could you take me upstairs?” I ask Louis with a worn out look.

“Of course I can” he replies as he takes my hand and helps me to the bathroom. My energy had suddenly gone. My head felt like knives were stabbing it and my stomach was uneasy. Reaching the bedroom Louis tried to convince me to go lay down but I knew that wasn’t the best idea. I walked over to the bathroom with the little energy I had and sat down next to the toilet.

“Liv I’m really worried. I have never seen you like this” Louis says as he too sat down in the bathroom.

“I’m okay Lou honest, you don’t have to be here with me I’ll be fine. Go back to the restaurant and enjoy your dinner” I reply while trying to give him my best smile.

“There is no way I’m leaving my best friend here unwell, that’s just not gonna happen!” he says with a smile and a small giggle trying to lighten the mood with his sassy voice.

I smile back being unable to let out a laugh due to the pain in my stomach. Once again my stomach turned in uneasy paces and I immediately jumped up to crouch over the toilet seat to vomit yet again.

Something is defiently not right? I question to myself. It can’t be food poisoning cause then someone else would have gotten it right? It’s not the flu because no one I know has had it in ages. Surely I can’t be pregnant... Wait.

“Lou what’s the date today?” I ask quickly still trying to work out things in my head.

“I don’t know, I can’t remember don’t worry about that for now” he replies while trying to calm me down. Obviously noticing  my voice was uneasy and I could certainly feel the remaining colour drain from my face.

“No Lou. Tell me what the date is NOW” I reply while Louis moves back slightly unsure about my change of tone before looking down at his phone.

“It’s the 6th today. Why does it matter?” he ask confused and worried at the same time.

“Give me your phone for a second” i say before reaching my hand out as he places his phone in it.

Looking at his calendar I swipe through the weeks while mentally counting. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 and half. Shit 5 and a half weeks!

“Lou you need to go to the store now.” I tell him without any emotion in my voice.

“Would someone like to tell me what’s going on please!” he replies back with the most confused expression on his face.

“Lou please could you go to the store and buy me a pregnancy test?” I ask in my most calm voice. I’m not entirely sure how I feel right now. I could be over reacting and this could really be food poisoning but I want to be sure.

“WHAT!” he asks while slightly freaking out, “YOUR PREGNANT?”

“Wait aren’t I the one that’s meant to be freaking out! I don’t know yet that’s why i need you t go to the store.” I reply unsure of how to react.

“You want me. To go to the store. To buy you. Pregancy tests! Well this won’t start rumours or anything” he says with a slight giggle as he was pointing to a different direction after every breath i his sentence.

“I’ll call Harry and ask him to get some on his way home. Yep that’s what I’ll do” he says while giving himself a nod and grabbing his phone before unlocking it.

“No. No you won’t!” I reply while taking his phone out of his hands and locking it.

“Why not!” he replies. My stomach once again starts to turn causing me to lean over the toilet and get sick.

“Lou, I would go to the shops if I could but I can’t because I would probably throw up in your car. So please without ringing anyone could you go to the store and get me a pregnancy test?” I ask while giving my most sincere look.

“Okay. Fine, but only cause your my best friend” he replies before getting up and heading for the door.

Louis’ POV

Arriving at the shop I was still confused and in shock by this whole situation, not to mention that I was really worried I was going to get caught by the paparazzi. I was wearing a beanie, a scarf and sunnies even tho it was slightly warm and night time!

Walking down each aisle of the store I finally came across the aisle with the pregnancy tests. There were so many! All different colours, with different picture and different symbols. How the hell am  I meant to know which one to buy!

I immediately dial Liv’s number to ask her for help.

“Liv! There are like 100 different ones here!” I say before she even got the chance to say hello.

“Just get one that looks reliable and are easy to read”

“How am I meant to know if they are reliable and easy to read? They all seem the same to me besides the fact that they are different colours!”

“Ask someone!”

“NO WAY! I can’t get recognised Liv cause that would start something we don’t want to start. How about you choose some colours!”

“My gosh Lou I question your intelligence sometimes!”she replies with a giggle, “Okay um blue and red! Now be quick I really don’t feel well.” She replies before hanging up the phone.

Putting my phone back in my pocket I decide to myself that I will get one blue and one red. Looking up I mentally face palm myself! Of course the colours she had to chose were the colours that came in all different shades. There are about 5 of each! Without thinking I end up all the different packets that I could find in red and blue.

Walking to the register with my hand full I immediately drop all the tests onto the table only to realise that I had gotten 13 packets. The checkout lady looks at me questionably before scanning all the items and telling me the amount. I give her the money before thanking her and heading back to the car with my bag.


Liv’s POV

“It’s about time you got home” I say with a small giggle.

“Yeah it’s a long story. How are you feeling?” Lou says while walking into the bathroom with a bag.

“I honestly don’t think there is anything left in me to throw up!” I reply trying to lighten the mood.

“Well I bought you the tests” he says while tipping out the bag onto the floor.

“How many pregnant people are you buying tests for!?” I ask trying not to laugh at how many tests he bought.

“You said red and blue so you see my dilemma!” he replies with a straight face. I couldn’t help but giggle at his unamused expression.

“Well how about I try a few of them just to make sure” I tell him while leaning over and reading the boxes to choose the two best looking tests.

I reach up my arm to indicate that I need help getting up and Louis is by my side in an instant. I unwrap the test from their boxes and get ready to use them when i notice Louis eyes on me like a creep.

“Louis stop looking at me like a weirdo it’s creepy!” I say with a smile.

“Hurry up Liv and do whatever you have to do I’m as anxious as you” he replies while waving around his arms telling me to hurry up. I look at him amused by his awkwardness and face as he stood their waiting for me to pee on a stick!

“Lou! A bit of privacy!” I say with a laugh as he is snapped out of his day dream and turns around t face to wall.

“Lou!” I say again still laughing.

“Oh right I’ll leave!” He says while turning back around and closing the door behind him.

I take in a deep breath still unsure of how I’m feeling right now before taking the test. They both say to wait 4 minutes before the test shows the results.

I close the lid of the toilet and take a seat while placing the tests on the basins. Looking at the boxes although they are different they both say a plus sign means positive. I shake my leg impatiently waiting for the timer on my phone to go off. I suddenly hear the buzzer on my phone and my heart begins to race. I stand up from the toilet and cautiously walk over to the basin before my heart stops.

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