Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


13. Surprise!

Sarah’s POV

As I was changing the clothes on the mannequin I could hear some rattling noises coming from the kitchen. I quickly placed the mannequin on the floor and made my way to the noise. As I open the door to the kitchen my eyes are immediately drawn to Liv standing on a shelf trying her hardest to reach something.

“Olivia! What are you doing?” I say searching for some eye contact.

“Sarah! I am really hungry and I need those chips!” Liv says looking at me with a puffed out face.

“Ohh yeah! The ones I threw up there!”, I say back laughing uncontrollably.

“I’m nearly there!” Liv says struggling to get her hands on them, “I give up!!” she continues as she soon realises she was failing miserably.

I feel to the floor in fits of laughter because she must have been trying really hard as her face was red.

“HA HA! very funny!”, Liv says to me giving me daggers trying to hide her smirk.

“Aww you love me!” I say back short of breath from laughing.

Soon after I hear a bell, indicating that a customer has walked through the door.

“Make yourself useful for once Liv and go help the customers!”, I say smiling at her

“Oh hush!” she responds making her way to the front of the store.

I was still debating about getting the chips for her but nahh she can suffer!

Liv’s POV

I made my way to the front of the store after hearing the bell. We don’t normally get a lot of customers on a Tuesday so I was surprised. As I headed to the counter I noticed four boys wondering around the shop. Two of them were wearing beanies and the other two were wearing snap backs. This didn’t help me at all because I couldn’t see any of their faces. They all seemed quite quiet wondering through the shop looking through the clothes. At this point my heart started racing because something didn’t seem right. They seemed very suspicious. They were doing their absolute best to not show their faces.

“Sarah, can you come to the front please”, I say anxiously waiting for a response. She soon makes her way to the front.

“Erhh Sarah, these boys look a bit suspicious to me”, I whisper to Sarah while keeping an eye on them.

Sarah looked at me concerned and made her way up to one of the boys who was wearing a snap back.

“Can I help you with anything?”, I hear he say while waiting for an answer.

“Yess! Do you have this in a ladies small?” a blonde boys says turning around holding a pink dress in his hands and revealing his face.

“Niall!”, Sarah soon says wrapping her arms around him.

I quickly make my way up to him up to him saying hello and giving him a hug.

“We just thought we would drop in for a visit!” he said looking around at the others.

“We??” Sarah asks confused looking around.

Moments later all the boys one by one turned around. It was Liam, Harry and Louis. We both immediately walked up to them. I rushed up to Harry while Sarah rushed over to Liam hugging each other tightly. Louis clears his throat while holding his arms out indicating that he wanted a hug. Sarah and I both looked at each other and immediately rushed into Louis arms hugging him tightly.

“We missed you guys so much!” I said poking Harry in the stomach.

“We missed you too, that’s why we thought we would come for a surprise visit!”, Harry says looking directly in my eyes. I couldn’t help myself but go up to him and hug him again.

“Awhh! CUTIES!”, I hear Sarah say from behind me.

I looked at her and smiled. Soon after silence hit the room. I looked at Sarah with a smile and sighed something to her. I could tell the boys were worried because they were all looking at each other confused.

“ONE….. TWO….. THREE!” Sarah shouts.

We both ran and stole the hats of the boys. I stole Harry's and Louis' beanie while Sarah took Liam and Nialls snap backs. We ran to the back of the store hiding them behind us.

“OHHHHHHH! Things just got real serious!” Niall said rushing our way.

“It’s four against two girls! You might as well give up now! Louis said also heading our direction with a smirk on his face.

Sarah and I look at each other knowing that soon we will be trapped in a pile with all of them.

Harry and Liam soon came rushing towards us with the biggest smile on their faces.

“We aren’t afraid of use!” I say directing it at all of them.

Before we know it the boys have surrounded us in a circle. The boys all look at each other before giving each other a nod indicating they are ready.

“ONE, TWO, THREE!” Liam shouts as the boys all come running towards us causing us to fall to the floor.

“I can breathe! Get your fat asses off of us!” I shout while at the bottom of the pile with Sarah.

“Nope! I’m quite comfortable here, but thanks anyway!” Niall says wiggling his bum causing more pain for both Sarah and I. About five minutes later the boy’s final decided to get off. We all got up brushing ourselves off giving daggers to the boys while trying our best to hide our smiles.

“Seeing as you walked out on us last time you visited! We thought maybe both of use would want to come over for dinner Saturday night?” Liam says waiting for an answer.

“SURE!, we will be there”, Sarah says responding immediately. A smile grew widely on Liam’s face.

“Excuse me Sarah! I might have some plans thank you very much”, I say crossing my arms.

“Ohh really Liv, and what are those plans?”, Sarah says crossing her arms too while looking at me with a smirk on her face.

“Ummmm, errrrrh, I have that….. Wait no”, I say knowing that Sarah finally won me over.

“Got you there liv! Didn’t I??” she says nudging my shoulder with a smile on her face. I look down to the floor hiding my smile.

“Don’t you fool around with me like that!” Harry says lifting up my chin with his hands. A smile grew on my face. He looked so amazingly hot today, so did the rest of the boys.

“Wait, where is Zayn?”, Sarah asked confused.

“He is out shopping with Perrie”, Niall answered.

“Awhh they are the cutest!”, I say clapping my hands together.

Louis reached for the back of his pocket and grabbed his phone. I think we should head home now guys he says looking at the time on his phone. The boys all agreed. We said goodbye to the boys  once again. Liam gave Sarah a kiss on the cheek while Harry quickly pecked my lips without anyone noticing.

“Make sure you come on Saturday! I’m cooking dinner!” Harry said walking backwards toward the door.

“But, don’t blame us if you get food poisoning”, Liam shouted before walking out the door after him. Sarah and I started laughing.

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