Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


12. Pool Times and Bad News

Liv’s POV

Sarah got changed on one side of the room while I got changed on the other side. She quickly got her bathers on and so did I, before making my way outside I quickly took a look in the mirror. I hated my body in bathers! Sarah’s body was absolutely perfect! Sarah noticed me looking in the mirror tilting my head. She grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. I had time to quickly grab my towel and wrap it around me. I walked outside and the boys were in the pool play fighting. In a matter of second Sarah snatched the towel off my body and chucking it on the sun bed. In a split second all attention was drawn to me.

“Stop staring at us!” I said smiling at the boys. Niall whistled causing all of us to laugh. Liam held out his hand to Sarah so she could get in the pool. She sat down at the edge of the pool and Liam picked her up placing her in the pool carefully.

“Come in Liv!” Harry says calling me from inside the pool. Niall and Louis go back to wrestling and Zayn was floating by the shallow end.

“I might come in a bit later”, I say walking over to the sun bed putting my sunglasses on and laying back.

As soon as I lay down I notice Harry getting out of the pool dripping wet and running towards me. I screamed and curled up in a ball. Next thing I know he jumps on me getting me drenched in water.

“Harrryyyyy! Get off me, you’re all wet!” I scream trying to get him off but failing miserably.

“Are you going to come in the water now?” he says holding me down.

“You have to get off me first!” I say laughing.

“Ohh you’re going to get smart with me now??” Harry says still on top of me waiting for my response.

“Ohh what are you going to do about it?” I say laughing.

“It’s going to be like that, is it?” Harry says immediately starting to tickle me.

“plea-“, I couldn’t finish my sentence as I was laughing hysterically.

“I’m soooo-rry!”I manage to say in-between laughs. He stopped, smiled and picked me up.

“NO! NO! NO! I scream realising he was about to throw me in the pool.

“Do it, Do it!” Sarah and the guy start chanting!

Before I knew it, I was in the water with Harry jumping in shortly after me. I notice Liam and Sarah in the pool splashing each other. There is definitely a connection between them. Harry slowly swims up to me and wrap my arms around his neck while also wrapping my legs around his waist. We were both laughing and splashing each other. I couldn’t get over how amazing his eyes were. I could stare into them all day. Slowly our faces got closer and closer. He was staring into my eyes and I was staring at his lips. The last kiss was unforgettable. We both lent in for a kiss. It felt so right. When we opened our eyes our lips were still touching and I could feel his smile press against mine. I just hugged him and squeezed him tight. Niall came and splashed booth of us. And we all ended up having a water fight. We decided to get out as it started cooling down. We got dried up and changed back into our clothes. Sarah noticed 60 dollars in her pants but didn’t know how it got there. Then it clicked to her. She ran down stairs and I followed her.

“Naughty boy, you are!” she said holding the money out to Liam. I had no idea what was going on.

“Dam it!” Liam said refusing to take the money.

“I don’t want your money silly”, Sarah said searching for a place to give it to him. She threw it at him and ran back up stairs. I soon realised what was going on. He laughed and left the money were it landed before chasing her upstairs. 

The boys decide to watch ‘The Hangover’. That was one of my favourite movies! We all sat down in front of the screen waiting for it to start. Zayn and Niall were snuggled up together on the floor pretending they were a couple, Liam and Sarah where sitting together on a different lounge, close enough that there sides were touching and I was on a different lounge again with Harry on my left and Louis on my right. About 5 minutes into the movie Sarah’s phone started ringing. She excused herself before walking into the kitchen so she didn't interrupt anyone.

Louis started nudging me and each time I turned and looked at him, he would make a hilarious face that would cause me to burst out I laughter. I son heard Sarah saying goodbye to the person on the phone. it had been almost 8 minutes and she didn't seem to be coming back out even though it had been a while since she hung up the phone, so I decided to go check up on her.

“I'm just going to go check on Sarah”, I whispered to Harry before getting up and walking towards the kitchen.

“Don’t be too long”, he winked

I walked into the kitchen and noticed Sarah was sitting on the floor with her head in her hands. I rushed up to her.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” I say taking a seat next to her worried.

“That was mum on the phone”, she said looking at me

“What did she say?” I say putting my arm around her.

“We are moving back to Australia!” she said short of breath but not crying

“WHAT? Are you serious?” I say standing up.

“She said we are leaving really soon”, Sarah said while looking up at me sadly.

“BUT! BUT! I don’t want to leave! What about our house and our shop?” I say while pacing up and down the kitchen

“They are selling it!” Sarah answered immediately making my heart sink.

Sarah gets up and walks over to me. We both wrap our arms around each other. We decided to do our best to not show it on our faces to the boys and call it a night. We walked into the living room and the boys were laughing at a funny scene in the movie.

“What took you so long?” Liam said patting the seat for Sarah to sit down.

“Actually, I think we should call it a night boys”, Sarah said looking at the floor doing her best to hide her expression.

“WHAT?” Harry said turning around. They boys all look at us.

“But you can’t go yet, it’s the best part of the movie!” Niall said begging on his knees.

“I’m sorry boys, we will catch up soon”, I say  trying my best to keep a smile on my face.

The boys all get up and say goodbye. Niall and Zayn hug both Sarah and I and Louis gives us a kiss on the cheek. I turned to look at Liam and Sarah and he cuddled her tightly whispering something in her ear that caused her to laugh. Harry looked at me and gave me a massive hug lifting my feet off the ground, we finished the goodbye with a peck on the lips making sure no one saw and leading us outside to the car. I got in the driver’s seat and Sarah got in the passenger. We waved goodbye and blew kisses as we drove off.

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