Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


2. Niall's Injury

~~Nialls POV
She was beautiful. I was wrapping my arms around her until she pulled away. “Ouch”, I said while looking down at my stomach.

“Oh, I’m so sorry are you alright?” Sarah asked concerned. 

“No, it wasn’t you; I just got attacked by fans!” I said looking into her beautiful blue eyes. She slowly lifts my t-shirt revealing a huge scratch across the bulk of my stomach, goose bumps quickly spread around my body.

“Ouch that must hurt” Sarah said still analysing the scratches slowly showing on my skin.

“Oh toughen up a bit Ni”, Zayn said from behind me. Sarah carefully places my top back down and looks up at me with a perfect smile on her face. She grabs my wrist and leads me into the back.

“Here come with me, I’ll get you cleaned up”, Sarah exclaimed pulling me towards the back of the shop.

“Don’t have too much fun Niall”, I hear Harry say with a smile on his face. Laughter fills the room.

“Oh, he won’t I’ll be sure to put him through pain” Sarah said with a cute grin on her face.

I wasn’t sure if she was being serious or not. Louis suddenly got a phone call and Zayn was busy texting away and Olivia still has her arms wrapped around Harry.  I’m not surprised, Harry gets all the girls. Like they say, curls get the girls!

After walking through the door to get to the back of the shop Sarah grabs a chair and places sit behind me.

“Sit”, Sarah ordered while walking off.

“I’ll be right back” she shouts while walking around the corner. I see Liam walking towards me. Oh here we go another one of his smartass comments!

“I bet that doesn’t even hurt Niall! You just needed an excuse to talk to her!” Liam says nudging me with his elbow.

“Pfft nooo, why would I do that!” I quickly say trying to hide my smile.

“Sure, sure” he replies while walking back over to the guys.

I turn around and notice Sarah walking towards me with a first aid kit. Wow! The way her blonde hair fell so perfectly down her back and the ways her blue eyes light up the whole world. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Did ya miss me!?” Sarah says kneeling down in front of me with a smile before opening the first aid kit.

“Yes! It felt like forever”, I say back sarcastically.

We both laughed. I’m glad I made her laugh. She has the cutest laugh and the most beautiful smile I could stare at it all day. She lifts up my top and takes out a wipe from the first aid kit. I noticed she was staring at my abs with a little smirk on her face.

 “This might hurt a little”, she said while slowly wiping the scratch with the cloth.

“OUCH!” I shouted.

“OMG Niall I am so sorry!” she jumps up concerned. I started laughing uncontrollably.

“Why are you laughing”, she says while showing me her concerned face.

“I was joking!”, I say short of breath from laughing,
“You should have seen your face”, I continued still not being able to stop the laughter escaping my lips.

She went from frowning to smiling.

“Thank god! I actually thought I hurt you. You shouldn’t scare me like that!” she says nudging me on the shoulder. She finishes cleaning the scratches before starting to pack away the kit.

“I think I need a new shirt” I say spotting out the ripped sleaves on my top.

“Well I was considering giving you a new one, but after you scared me, I not so sure!” she responds with a little smirk of attitude. I start laughing again.

“Here what size are you??” she says looking through a folded pile of white t-shirts checking the different sizes as she went through.

 “I don’t know? Like a ladies small!” I say waiting for that stunning smile to pop up on her face. She stops too look at me with a smirk. We both laugh.

“You’re so silly”, she says shaking her head.

 “Here! I think this is your size”, she says while pulling out a top from the pile. She chucks it at me before finishing packing up the first aid kit and walking back into the shop.

“Thankyou”, I call before quickly chucking on my new t-shirt and following her back out to the gang.

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