Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


22. Last Minute Packing

Sarah’s POV


The sound of the alarm woke me up suddenly. Turning to hit the snooze button I notice the number flashing at me, 9:30. Shit I better get up. Waking up I walk over to Liv’s bed and give her a shake signalling to her that she too has to get ready.

First things first, shower! I walk into the bathroom and shower straight away! There was no time to lose! We were officially moving into the boy’s house and there was so much still left to do. Finishing in the shower I quickly blow-dry my hair leaving it in its naturally wavy state before wrapping a towel around me and walking back into my room.  Walking into my room quickly I swing the door closed behind me and immediately walk over to my wardrobe to grab my clothes for the day. Opening my window I feel a cool breeze enter my room.

“Warm clothes” I whisper to myself before grabbing a pair of trackies and a sweatshirt and throwing them on quickly.

Making my way to the kitchen I grab myself a bowl and some cereal before grabbing the milk and sitting at the kitchen bench. Looking around the house it looked so empty. The picture frames, small souvenirs and family ornaments that were placed around the house were gone and the once lounge and living room were now empty rooms filled with boxes. I sigh to myself as it finally hit me that this was it. The house I have lived in my whole life was not gonna be mine anymore. A tear escaped my eye just as Liv walked into the room.

“I’m really gonna miss this place” Liv says sincerely before walking over and giving me a hug.

“Yeah me too Liv.” I say slightly sad but still happy about the new chapter of our lives that was about to start.

“Come on let finish packing up our stuff, the boys are gonna be here soon!” Liv says with more of a happy expression before grabbing my hand and pulling me towards my room.

*Door Bell*

“Who’s here?” Liv asks slightly confused.

“I dunno the boys weren’t meant to come till later?” I reply almost as confused as her, “You keep packing ill go check” I say giving her a smile before walking out of the room and towards the front door. Opening the door I am immediately greeted by 5 smiling boys.

“Hey there! We thought we would come a bit early to help you last minute pack!” Louis says while walking through the front door and greeting me with a hug, followed by the rest of the boys and ending with Liam. Liam’s hug was different today. It was more sincere and really comforting. He ended our hug with a kiss on the cheek before putting his hand around my shoulder starting to walk towards the boys who were now in the kitchen.

“So what’s left to pack?” Zayn asks while looking around the room.

“Umm.. well we have a few things left in our rooms and just a few cabinets in the kitchen then we can start moving everything into the vans!” Liv says while walking into the room and giving all the boys a hug.

“Okay! Louis, Zayn and Niall start packing what’s left of the kitchen into boxes, Liam you help Sarah with her room and I’ll help Liv!” Harry orders before giving a smile and walking hand in hand with Liv into her room.

“Thanks guys!” I say to the boys before directing Liam into my room.

“I’m pretty much packed, I just have to clear all my photos and a few of my clothes and that’s about it for my room! You can just chill on my bed if you want. I shouldn’t be too long” I say giving Liam a smile before heading to an empty box and picking it up.

“No way! I’m helping!” Liam insists before grabbing the empty box out of my hands and walks over to my photos.

“I’ll pack your photos and you do your clothes. Then we will be twice as fast which means you will be able to move into my room sooner!” Liam says with a smile as he starts to place my photo frames carefully into the box. I giggle slightly before getting myself a new box and starting to pack my last bit of clothes.

Almost 15 minutes later I had finished with my clothes and Liam was up to bubble wrapping my last few photos. I walk over to him and pick up my favourite photo of Liv and I.

“We had so many memories in this house. It’s gonna be hard to say goodbye” I say while remembering all the good moments my family shared in this house.

“It’s always gonna feel like that when you’re moving house babe. Don’t be too upset by it, Liv is still going to be living with you so it’s all gonna be alright” he replied reassuringly before leaning his head on my shoulder and looking over at the picture I was holding.

“Junior year! Liv and I were getting ready for our first day and I split coffee all over my new outfit! I was so upset but Liv couldn’t stop laughing causing my whole family to start laughing!” I tell Liam the story of the picture I was holding, before letting out a small giggle.

“Aww that’s cute! How about this one?” he asks pointing to another photo.

“That was taken almost 7 years ago now. That was one of the happiest and saddest times of our lives! We were young, wreck less and we were truly inseparable! It was so perfect that when everything started to go wrong, it started to show us the harsh side to reality. That was only a few weeks before we stopped being young. We stopped being wreck less and everything changed.” I explain instantly regretting my choice of answer.

I quickly shake off the moment hoping he wouldn’t start to ask questions. I put the last few frames into its box before sealing it up and starting to head for the door. My arm suddenly gets pulled causing me to stop and turn around.

“What do you mean everything changed? What happened?” Liam asked curiously.

“Nothing. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything. Just forget I said it.” I reply almost harshly before walking back into were the boys and Liv now were.


Liv’s POV

“Okay boys all done!! Time to get moving!” I say with a small jump of excitement.

“Okkaayy!” Louis replies mocking my jumping causing everyone to start laughing.

“Let’s start moving boxes then we can drive to ours!” Harry says while picking up a box and walking to the front door.

It took us nearly 2 hours to completely move the boxes and last minute furniture into the vans, before we were officially done and had directed the drivers on where to go.

“Okay that’s it Sarah. We are officially moving out” I say giving Sarah a hug from the side as we both look at the house for a final time. The boys had walked over to the cars giving us some space to say good bye.

“I know this is sad, I mean we have had so many good memories in this house but we also had a lot I think we both want to forget. I think it will be good for the both of us to start fresh and forget the bad stuff that happened in our past, and this is the perfect opportunity” Sarah says giving me a nod and a smile before wiping a tear that had fallen from my face. She soon turned around and started walking to the boys while still holding her arm around my waist.

“Okay guys! Time to move!” She says before getting into her car with Louis and Niall and driving away, leaving me and Harry in my car and Liam and Zayn in the boys car.

This is the start of a new beginning!

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