Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


14. Dinner is Served!

Sarah’s POV

The whole situation with the move has been pretty hard on Liv and I over the last week. We were just beginning to become close with the boys and we really didn’t want to drop the mood that was so happy when we were all together. We agreed to not tell the boys the unfortunate news until it is completely official that we had to leave.

The boys offered to have us over for dinner tonight. We have been so excited all day that we have pretty much been ready since closing time back at the shop! Which was 3 hours ago! We decided to dress casual. Liv was wearing floral high waisted denim shorts with a tight fitted black tank top and I went with shorts and a black jean vest with a white under top.

The car ride was silent but peaceful. I was concentrating on the road and Liv was on her phone, probably messaging Harry! Arriving at the house only 10 minutes later, we drove up the driveway and rolled down the window so the security could recognise us. With a nod from the security the front gate opened and we were soon welcomed by 5 boys playing football on the front oval.

Getting out of the car we grabbed our stuff and headed towards the boys. Putting our stuff on the front porch we walked over to the boys and were immediately greeted with hugs.

“Hey girls! Glad you could make it” Liam says while giving me a long hug.  Just before completely pulling away I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek then continued walking over and giving the rest of the boys hugs as well, Liv followed close behind me.

It was coming up to 7 o’clock so the boys decided it was time to end their football session and get ready for dinner. The boys showed us the way to the outdoor setting they had set for us. To be honest with you, I must admit that it was all set out quite nicely. The pool area had been lit up with lights and pool torches and the table had been set with nice white accessories along with candles helping to light up the backyard. It was nothing overly fancy but still very nice to know they had put in the effort!

While all the boys were deciding on who was going to sit next to who, I walked over to the drinks table and started pouring drinks for everyone. I soon felt hands come from behind me giving me a hug, I quickly jumped to see who it was before hearing Liam’s adorable laugh.

“Sorry to scare you babe!” he said while laughing and moving over to the other end of the table to help me poor drinks.

Giving him a smile and letting out a small chuckle I continued to pour drinks that I thought everyone would appreciate. After finishing with the drinks I started to pack up everything putting it back in its original spot. Liam grabbed two of the glasses before walking closely past me and whispering,

“You’re sitting next to me tonight” he quickly gave a cheeky wink before walking over to Niall and Zayn and handing them their drinks.


After sitting and talking for almost 45 minutes Harry finally walks out with food.

“Dinner is served!” he says before giving a bow and placing the food trays down on the table.

In nearly a split second the food was demolished! Everyone was so hungry that for the first time tonight there was peace at the table!

Harry had cooked a fantastic meal. There was roast chicken, potato salad, lettuce salad, roasted vegetables and a lovely sauce that went with everything!

“This is beautiful Harry! Who taught you how to cook this well?” Liv asked almost shocked at the outcome of this meal.

“Well that’s for me to know and for you to wonder!” Harry said with a cheeky smile before laughter filled the table.

“Well you would be happy to know that Liv is quite the master chef herself!” I say while everyone looks to give Liv a shocked expression. Her cheeks soon start to turn a crimson red colour forcing her to look down at her food.

“Oh come on Liv! Don’t be shy you really are fantastic!” I say while giving her a reassuring nod.

“Well enough talking about me!” Liv says trying to change the subject,

“Let’s get these dishes cleaned up so we can get this party started!!” she finishes saying while starting to collect the dishes and putting them inside on the sink.

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