Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


10. Come In!

Liv’s POV

My eyes slowly open. I turn to my right and notice Sarah was no longer in bed. My ears soon adjust to the noise of the shower. I turn around to face my clock and my eyes took a while to adjust to the lighting. It was 11:00. I should probably get up and get ready to go to the boy’s house. While Sarah was in the shower I decided to get dressed. Walking over to the wardrobe and opening it, I decided I didn’t know what to wear. I soon heard the water switch off.

“Sarah! What do I wear?”, I shout out in her direction.

“Wear the top and the shorts I brought you the other day!” I heard coming from the bathroom.

“Good Idea”, I respond taking the items out of my wardrobe.

I placed them down on my bed and grabbed my converses from my cupboard. I stepped into my high waisted denim jeans and slipped on my high neck pink sleeveless crop top, I then put on my white converses and walked up you the mirror. This will have to do.

 Sarah soon walks out of the bathroom dressed, make-up and hair done all ready to go. She looks so pretty! She always does. She was wearing her three quarter jeans that stopped just a bit higher than her ankle and a yellow crop top that showed off her silver belly button ring. She had the best body ever. She could pull off any outfit. I get so jealous.

She walks up to the mirror standing next to me before reaching behind my back and ripping off the tag from my top.

“Well that could have got awkward!” Sarah said laughing.

My phone lit up on my bedside table and my eyes were immediately drawn. I hurried over to it to find a new message from Harry. A huge smile appeared on my face. I quickly opened it and read it out loud so Sarah could hear me.

“Good morning beautiful, we were planning on going in the pool so bring your bathers xx”

The smile slowly disappeared from my face. I looked up at Sarah with a sad face. She knew that I hated wearing bathers. She looks at me and walks into my direction.

“Your body is perfect!” she says looking me in the eyes before giving me a reassuring smile.




Sarah’s POV

She has always been self-conscious of her body, but she didn’t realise just how perfect she was. She looked me in the eyes and smiled then headed to the bathroom. I grabbed out bathers and put them in a beach bag.

A few minutes later she comes out of the bathroom with her hair done up in a messy bun like mine and a light dash of foundation.

“You ready?” I asked getting my sunglasses off my bed and putting them on my head.

“Yes!” she said smiling while grabbing her glasses off her bedside table. We were both so excited to see the boys. I can’t believe we are actually going to be in their house!

“You drive”, Liv says throwing the keys at me from the other side of the car.

We get in and get google maps up on my phone putting in the address. It was only a 5 minute drive. We turned the radio on and ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ starts hallway through the chorus. We soon started singing along to it.

“Turn right!!!” Liv says while pointing to their street.

“Which one is it?” I say looking at the houses down both sides of the street.

“Maybe it’s the one with 6 cars at the front and a security guard”. Liv says while pointing at the house.

“Ohh shut up smartass!” I say smiling at her.


Pulling up the drive way our mouths dropped. Wow the house was amazing! Two stories with 3 drive ways and 5 balconies filling the front of the house. We walk up to the front gate where the security guard was standing while Liv was texting Harry telling him that we are at the front. Within 30 seconds the front door opened and out comes Liam and harry.


“Sorry we are late!” I say while waiting for the security guard to open the gate letting us in.


Liam walks up to me giving me a hug while Harry walks over to Liv giving her a kiss on the cheek.


“It’s okay, we are just happy you didn’t bail on us!” Liam says still hugging me.


“Well come in!” Harry says jogging to the front door and holding it open for us.


Wow the house is amazing. Words can’t even describe how big it is.


“Your house is amazing!” Liv says while looking around.

“Thanks!” Liam says while giving us a friendly smile.


“Guys Liv and Sarah are hear!”, Harry shouts out to the rest of the boys.


Soon they all start come walking in from different directions.


“Hey girls!” Zayn, Niall and Louis say together while giving us both a hug.


“Well come in and make yourself at home”, Niall says.


Harry grabs Liv’s hand and Liam grabs mine leading us through the house.


“I hope you brang your bathers!” Louis said looking at us waiting for a response.


“Yes we did!” I say holding up the bag and placing it near the front door, the boys then lead us into the living room.


“Take a seat”, Liam and Harry both say in sync before laughter spread through the room.


“We were just about to get something to eat, anything in particular you want?” Zayn says looking at us.


“No, were easy!” I say returning his question with a smile.


 “NANDO’S!!!” Niall says putting his hands up in the air.


“Is that okay with you girls?” Niall asks excitedly.


“Yes that’s fine, we aren’t really that hungry anyway”, I says looking at Liv knowing that she wouldn’t want to eat anything and nor would I.


Zayn disappears to as different room for a second but soon comes back with a piece of paper and a pen.


“What do you want to order”, he says looking around questionably at the boys.


They all called out what they wanted as Zayn wrote it down, it then came to what we wanted. All eyes were drawn to of us.


“Umm! I might have a chicken salad”, I say looking at Liv. She has a smile on her face.


“Yeah I’ll have that too”, she says nodding.


“Well who’s going to go get the food?” Zayn says holding out the piece of paper.


All the boys look at each other not wanting to get it.


“I’ll get it”, Liam says taking the paper out of Zayn’s hand.


“I may need some help though!” he says with a smile on his face directing his eyes at me.


“I’ll go with him”, I say while standing up and walking towards Liam. A huge smile appears on Liam’s face.


“We will be back soon!” Liam says walking with me to the front door. I heard the boys discussing what they were going to do while waiting for food. When they suggested the pool. I knew Liv wouldn’t go in without me there, so I decided to grab the bag that I put our bathers in and take it with me in the car. She’ll thank me for this one day!

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