Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


21. Big Decisions

Niall’s POV

It has been a day since the phone call with Simon. We have all been pretty excited to tell the girls the big news. It was 11 o’clock and we just got up. Harry was making us French toast while the rest of us were sitting at the table waiting.

“Harry, hurry up I’m hungry!” Louis says rubbing his stomach.

“Oh hush Louis! Be patient! “Harry says concentrating on his cooking.

Harry always cooks for us. I have to admit he is quite good. After about five minutes Harry had finally finished making the toast. He placed a huge plate in the middle of the table and we all dug in. It wasn’t long until we all had finished eating our breakfast.

“So when are we asking the girls?” Louis says while collecting everyone’s plate and placing them in the sink.

“Let’s call them now! I think they have slept in enough!”, Liam says quickly grabbing his phone and ringing Sarah.

 It took a while for Sarah to answer her phone and Liam was becoming impatient. It took about 7 rings until she picked up.

“Morning beautiful! How are you?” Liam says to her with a huge smile on her face.

There was a pause why Liam awaited her response.

I’m good thanks babe! Hey do you and Liv want to come over today?” Liam continues

Once again there was a pause while Liam was anxiously waiting for a response.

“Yay! Can’t wait! See you soon babe!” Liam says before hanging up

A smile appeared on all our faces. We finished cleaning up the dishes before we decided to get ourselves ready. We all rushed up stairs into our rooms getting ourselves dressed and pretty. It didn’t take long for me to get ready, I just chucked a pair of jeans on and a simple tank top, I added a touch of product to my hair to make it look perfect and finished off with brushing my teeth. We were all down stairs ready except for Zayn. Zayn takes forever to get ready! I swear it takes him like half an hour to do his hair. Any chance of a reflection and he is fixing his hair. It was about 10 minutes later and Zayn finally joined us. We decided to play a little football outside waiting for the girls to come. Our football games always ended with a tackle between Zayn and Harry because they always have to win against each other. It is pretty funny actually. We were really getting into the game until we were interrupted with a doorbell. Liam and Harry sprinted to the door.

Sarah’s POV

Liv and I were already ready when Liam invited us over. We where at the front doorstep and I could hear loud footsteps from inside rushing in our direction. I looked at Liv in confusion. Quickly after the front door swang open and Liam and Harry where standing there all puffed out with a smile on their faces. Liv and I started laughing.

“Hey girls!” Harry says trying to catch his breath with his hands on his knees.

“Why are you so puffed out?” Liv says with a smile.

“Ahh, we kind of ran to the door!” Liam says also trying to catch his breath.

Harry walked up to Liv giving her a kiss on the cheek and lifting her up for a hug while Liam walked off to me wrapping his strong arms around me in a tight hug. They lead us in to the living room where the rest of the boys were. All the boys had massively cheeky smiles on their faces.

“Umm is everything okay?” Liv asks looking at all the boys with a concerned look on her face.

They just continued to stare at us and smile while giving a nod.

“Okay then, that is getting a bit weird”, I say looking at Liv.

All the boys start pissing themselves laughing.

“We have some exciting news!” Niall says clapping his hands.

“What is it?” I say anxiously waiting for his response but was soon interrupted by Liam.

“Well, we kind of found out about the situation of you guys having to move to Australia!” Liam says with a straight face.

Both Liv and I looked at each other in shock, I can’t believe they told them, she wasn’t supposed to, she promised us she wouldn’t.

“Who told you?” I say looking up at Liam a little angry and upset.

“El did, but you can’t be mad at her!” Louis says quickly.

“She wasn’t supposed to tell you!” I say looking up to the boys with a little more anger while Liv had her head in her hands.

“We haven’t finished yet!” Liam says walking over to me and putting his arm around me.

“She also told us that you were trying to find a smaller house but you didn’t have any luck”, Liam continued.

“How is this good news?” Liv says lifting her head with tears in her eyes.

Harry rushed over to her hugging her.

“Here comes the good part!” Louis says quickly signalling Liam to hurry up and tell them.

“We want you to move in with us!” Liam says quickly, waiting for our reactions.

Both Liv and I looked at each other in massive shock.

“Live here?” Liv says looking up at Harry with surprise. Harry wipes the tears off her face with his thumb before responding.

“Yes! Only if you want to!” he responds with a smile.

Liv gets up grabbing my wrist gently and leading me into the kitchen.

“Omg Sarah can we?” Liv says sightly whispering with excitement

“Yess!” I respond wrapping my arms around her for a hug.

We were so happy. Not only do we get to stay but we actually get to live with our best friends. We decided to forget about El telling Louis because if she didn’t we would still be moving to Australia. We both made our way back into the living room trying to hide our smiles. We could tell the boys were all staring at us anxiously waiting for our response.

“So is it a yes?” Niall says with his lovely Irish accent.

Liv and I both look up in sync with a huge smile on our faces.

“Yes!” Liv shouts with a massive smile on her face.

“Yay!” they all shout running up to us and forming a huge group hug. As soon as the group hug separated I ran into Liam’s arms while Liv ran into Harry’s.

“Shot gun Liv sleeping in my room!” Harry shouts throwing his arm in the air.

“Shot gun Sarah sleeping in my room!” Liam says straight after.

Laughter spread the room except for Niall, he seemed a bit disappointed.

“So I think it’s best for use to move in as soon as possible, so like tomorrow!” Louis says with a smile on his face.

We all nodded agreeing in excitement.

“Hey share the love!” Louis says walking up to Liv and Harry nudging him out the way before giving her a hug. Harry was smiling but you could tell he was getting a little jealous. Louis and Liv have become pretty close too, but in a kind of weird best friend way. Soon after Niall walks into mine and Liam’s direction.

“Come on share the love!” Niall says smiling and also nudging Liam out the way giving me a hug. All I could do was laugh. We all started laughing but it was soon interrupted by Zayn coughing trying to get or attention. He was sitting in the middle of the couch with a pretend sad face.

“Aww Zayn! We do love you!” Louis says walking up to Zayn and jumping on top of him.

We all rushed over to him and stacked on top of him. Liv soon got a phone call which caused us all to get up.

“Hello?” she responds.

There was a pause while she waited for the answer and soon a frown appeared on her face.

“Okay we will be in soon!” she responds hanging up.

“Who was that?” I say curious.

“That was mum she said we had to go into work!” Liv says with a frown.

“Are you serious?” I says annoyed.

“Yep!” she responds walking up to each of the boys and giving them a hug goodbye.

“That sucks!” Liam says while hugging me goodbye.

“I guess we will see you tomorrow morning!” Liv says walking to the door.

“Yes you will, start packing and we will pick you guys up”, Harry says smiling at her.

She blew him a kiss before holding the door open so I could walk out.

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