Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


5. After They Leave

~~Sarah’s POV
“Can you believe it. Just like that they are gone?” I say to Liv with a saddened look on my face.

“I know, that was a once in a life time experience and it’s over in a heartbeat”, she says with a disappointed look on her face.

We decided to clean up the food and the clothes in the change rooms before my parents did their visit and check-up on us.  My mother is a clean freak and I can just imagine the trouble we would be in if she saw the shop like this! Looking around I decided to start in the kitchen.

“Wow these boys can make a mess!” I say waiting for a response from Liv but never getting one.

I had a packet of chips in my hand and I got up and went to look for her around the shop.  As I walked to the change room I noticed she was sitting on the ground folding the clothes slowly on her lap.

“Do you need any help?” I ask searching for eye contact.

She just shook her head and continued folding. I walked up to her and sat down beside her knowing exactly why she was upset.

“I know Liv, I feel the same way I miss them too. There is something about them that not even the best news article can describe.”  I say putting my arms around her giving her a reassuring hug. She looks up to me and I soon see a smile appear on her face.

“That could have happened to any girls in the world, and it actually happened to us!!” she says reaching over to grab some chips.

I moved them away from her so she couldn’t have any. She looked at me with a cheeky smirk on her face.

“Are you really gonna play this game with me right now?!” I slowly started to get up, receiving a confused look from Liv, I start to walk backwards away from her before turning around and running as fast as I could.

 “Give me the chips!!” she shouts while running after me.

I ran in the kitchen and threw the bag on the top shelf that I knew Liv was too short to reach. 

“Errr! I will get you back for that sis!” she said staring and pointing her finger at me.

After recovering from fits of laughter I soon notice her wearing a jacket I had never seen before.

“Whose jacket is that?” I ask questionably while holding up her arm to get a better look at it.

Liv’s POV
“Whose jacket is that?” Sarah asks lifting my arms to examine the never before seen jacket.
I didn’t even remember I was wearing it to be honest!

“Oh shit, this is Harry’s jacket!” I say to her pulling down my arm.

“And your complaining why?” Sarah asks with a smile appearing on her face. She looks up to me and I noticed my smile is getting bigger.

“But what if he really liked this jacket?” I  says wiping the smile of my face.

“Then he can come and get it!” she responds still smiling. I had my head faced down to the floor so Sarah didn’t notice the smile that was soon growing on my face. It didn’t take her long to notice the smile appearing on my face.

“Well he did give me his number” I said looking up at her doing the best to hide the smile.

“HE DID WHAT!” Sarah asks surprised.

“You were standing right next to me!” I say laughing a bit from her initial reaction.

“Was it after Niall kissed me!?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Yes! You were obviously in your own world day dreaming about Ni”, I say smiling at her with a wink. We both start laughing.

“I might have to agree with you on that one!!” Sarah says laughing

“Well what are you waiting for text him!” she says while handing me my phone.

“I can’t just text him! He has better things to do than talk to me”, I say soon wiping the grin off of my face.
“Olivia, he gave you his number, if you don’t text him, I will!” Sarah says holding her hand out directing me to give her my phone.

I looked up at her and gave her a smile before looking back down at my phone and taking in a big breath.

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