Mesmerize (Liam Payne Fanfic)

December Knight has a different life. Her dad is stationed over seas and her mom left her, her mom, and her two sisters alone. Lily is you typical 7 year old. Though Faith on the other hand is different. She's autistic. December has put her sisters before herself. Every weekend she and her sisters will go to horse shows to show. But this weekend is very special, it's the Maclay. She meets a certain boy band that changes her life and makes her open up to them and make her reveal her deepest secret. With a spark of romance.


3. Just Two More Days

December's POV

It's only two more days till the Maclay and today my sisters and I have to leave with Ransom on the plane and get ready. We literally had to wake up at 5am to get ready and get the horse ready and drive to the airport in time and watch them load Ransom successfully. By the time my sisters got to our seats it was already 7:30.

*Skip Plane Ride*

The flight was five and a half hours and we still have a long way to go. After two hours of driving we finically got to the complex. It took the girls and I an hour to get the horse settled in and for us to get checked in. By now it was 3 in the afternoon and we still haven't found a hotel yet. Eventually, we found a cheap hotel and got a discount since we were showing. The room wasn't much. Two twin beds, small bathroom, dorm sized fridge and microwave. Thank god for the microwave and fridge, which means fish and chips. God I can believe I'm here. I've worked so hard for so long and look, here I am. I know it hasn't been easy for my sisters sometimes. Hopefully, that One Direction cd signing will make it to them.

* Skip to Tomorrow*

i am exhausted. Damn jet leg. It's 4:30 in the morning and today I have to go school Ransom to get him used to everything down at the complex. I literally crawl out of bed take a shower and pull on my breeches , tall boats, and spurs. I hated walkeing up the girls but I couldn't leave them at the hotel. I can tell they're zombies and their not going to forgive me waking them. But I know that cd signing will ease their minds. Before leaving I got my back pack and stuffed our tickets in there and grabbed some water bottles and left. 

*Skip Car Ride*

"Go find a seat in the arena and don't speak to strangers." I told my sisters as I went to go school. They nodded their heads and went their seats. I went into the schooling ring and did the basic flat work, walk trot and cantar. He felt really nice and calm, didn't spook once. I then jumped some fences. He was incredible. I could tell he brought his A-game. I didn't want to over jump him down. That's when I saw her. Gabbi Mikell and her huge warmblood Sunny. My worst enemy if you wanna call her that. She and I locked eyes with each other. She sent me a dirty look and I just rolled my eyes and left the ring. "I should've known she was gonna here" I thought to myself. I was so pissed right now. "Sissy sissy you did great! You're so gonna win!" My sisters yelled. I smiled a wide grin. By hearing those words and seeing their smiles made me feel much better and made me even more determind. We walked back to our barn and stall. I took off Ransom's tack and picked out his feet again. I then whosed him down with the help of my sisters. I put him back in his stall and a middle aged lady came up to me saying "I'm sorry I must've neglected to check your coggins." I nodded and handed her the paper. She checked the date to see if Ransom was up to date. "Seems like everything is up to date . Thank you and have a good show." She says with a smile. "Thank you." I say plainly with a smile. She just smiled and warmly and said good luck and left. I smiled after her as she left "she was nice" I thought to myself. I looked the time. It's 12:30! CRAP!!!! The cd  signing is at 1. "Guys c'mon let's go. Let's go. We're gonna gonna be late." I say. Before they can even ask I was pulling them along to the car. We finally got to the car and and we all got in and I was on the rode driving to the signing. We were half way there when Lily asked "Sissy where are we going ?" I tried to hide my smirk  but I couldn't, I just giggled. "What's so funny?" Faith asked I calmed myself and explained. "We are going to a cd signing." They looked confused and I went on "A One Direction cd signing." I finish with a smirk on my face. "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Lily and Faith screamed. I burst out laughing. The rest of the car ride was listening to the girls fangirl. 

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