one day nia see a boy and thinks me cute. And he asked for her number


9. Village Inn

Me and  Justin went arrived at Villiage Inn

Justin: Table for 2 please

Waiter: Ok follow me

Justin and I followed the waiter are booth at the restaurant 

Nia: Thank You

Justin sat in front of me staring into my eyes! His eyes were hazl brown ahhh his eyes r perfection

Nia: why are you staring at me

It's not like I didn't enjoy I was just wondering

Justin: Your so fricken sexy I can't help myself

I bit my lip and I felt shivers when he said that

Nia: Your sexy yourself

He walked over to sit next to in the booth and whispered in my ear

Justin: I don't think I'm as sexy as you right now

And he bit my ear lop

Nia: Omg

As soon as Justin did that the waiter came to get are order

Waiter: How many I help u guys today. Can I get you something to eat

Justin: Um can we please have a few more minutes to decide

Waiter: Yes

When the waiter left Justin started to kiss down my neck

Nia: I think your a little bit hotter than me

Justin: ok baby

I started to kiss him and made my way done to his neck and he started to moan

Nia: *whisper* does that feel good

Justin: Omg god yes


I started to laugh after that were in and the car on the way to Justin's house and you know what happens next


Hey guys I hope u luv this chapter I enjoyed I hoped u liked it leave some suggestions in the comments below ily!!

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