one day nia see a boy and thinks me cute. And he asked for her number


8. That special night

So justin asked

justin: so do you want to go to my house 

nia: sure

justin speeded up to get faster to his house and so I just sat there checking my Instagram and he said ok we're here and my mouth dropped to the ground I can't believe his house was so BIG!!!!

i smiled and he carried me on his shoulder and he said my princess can't get hurt I smiled and said your so sweet 

then we got to his room and it was huge and I couldn't think ha said ill brb sit on the bed then he went to the bathroom and I sat there thinking what's gonna happen and he came out of the bathroom 6 minutes later but he was in his boxers and I couldn't get a word out of my mouth then he said well what do you want to do and I said

nia: ugh I ,I don't know what to say 

justin: it's ok ill answer it for you 

then he walked towards me kissing me and he started taking his clothes off and then I said wait did you know this was gonna happen and he smiled and said well you did moan when I was kissing you so I assumed you did and I smiled saying ok just making sure and then we carried on and he took off my underclothes and he started kissing me everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE.  So we were doing some things in bed and right after he was asleep it lasted for 1 hour and I was sitting there thinking I just lost my V card to justin and I was clueless then I smiled and then he said wow that was amazing I've been wanting to do that to you since I saw you and know since i did I want to make you my princess and do it to you again and I said ok and we smiled and he kissed me and I was like I can't move very well and then I looked at my phone and I got a billion texts from my mom say

mom: hey I'm home

mom: where are you 

mom:  I'm so scared why aren't you talking to me ANSWER ME!!!!

then I said omg my mom is so scared I need to go home and he said omg I'm sorry I didn't even look at the time and I said omg let me text my mom telling her that I'm fine and he said ok well at least let me take you out to eat for breakfast then I said ok and so I told me mom I just had a  Sleepover at my friends house and she's taking me out to eat and my mom said ok then we went out to eat and he took me to my favorite place to eat VILLAGE INN.

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