one day nia see a boy and thinks me cute. And he asked for her number


10. Home

Justin drove me home and when we got there i kissed justin on the cheek. Then i walked inside and saw my mother stand up from the couch.

"Where have you been?" my mother yells at me

"At my friends house." I said

"you grounded, now get in your room." my mother yells at me

i groaned and walked up the stairs to my room. Once i got to my room i jumped on my bed. while i was grounded i was on the computer and my phone.

*skipping everything, now it's at 8:00*

i started to text justin.

Hey, bby -Nia

Hey, do you want to catch a movie l8ter- Justin<3

Can't grounded! :(- Nia

Sneak out!!- Justin<3

Fine- Nia

i will be there in 20 minutes- Justin<3

ok- Nia

*20 minutes later*

i hear justin's car come to my front door. Then i was waiting for him to text me but he didn't. Then i heard a noise over by my window. i look out and it was justin throw a rock at my window. 

"let's go" Justin said

"ok" Nia said

i started to slowly go out of my window and go on the ladder that was on it. Then i got down and ran to Justin and jumped on him. we both fell and laughed.

"let's go slow poke." i said and laughed, i ran to the car

he started to run to the car and unlocked it. we both got in the car and drove off.


Hi, guys i'm one of the co-owners!! My name is Katelyn!! i hope you guys liked it!! if you beilbers like One Direction too then you should my book it's called Mr. & Mrs. Horan!! Thanks for reading!



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