one day nia see a boy and thinks me cute. And he asked for her number


7. Contined from chapter 6

Nia:Ugh my mom is calling

Justin: But we just started...

Nia: I know

i was so sad and I kissed him

i answered my phone 


Mom: Hey hunny I'm going to work

justin had a grinn on his face and he starts doing what he did before my mom called

Nia: o...k

i started to moan as I was taking on phone

Mom: R u ok

Nia: um ya I'm fine love u

Mom: ok love you too

i ended the call 

Nia: why did you do tht

Justin: Because i knew it would make you moan

Nia: we'll then mission accomplish I think my mom thinks I'm going crazy right now

Justin: Sorry

Nia: no it's ok it actually felt good

Justin: well y thx u

i smiled and he kissed me

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