one day nia see a boy and thinks me cute. And he asked for her number


2. At Lunch

 At lunch I was sitting at a table with Jennifer , Katelyn , and Maddy. 

Nia: hey guys guess who asked for my number?!

Katelyn , Jennifer , and Maddy: WHO?!!?

Nia: Justin!!!!!

Katelyn: oh

Jennifer: My 

Maddy: GOD!!!!!!!!!

As soon as I told them Justin sent me a text message

Justin: hey u look really hot right now

I started smiling and bit my lip

Nia: Y thx u but how can u c me were r u?

Justin: I'm going to leave to that to you to find out<3

Nia: Ur such a tease

I said that with laughter

Jennifer: Who are you texting

I looked up from my phone

Nia: oh no one

Jennifer: Ok!

Justin started texting me again.

Justin: Hey meet me in the gym I really want to see u

Nia: Ok ill c in 5

Justin: Ok


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