one day nia see a boy and thinks me cute. And he asked for her number


4. Am I Dating Justin Bieber


Justin: Wait Nia can I ask u a question

Nia: ya

Justin: well u be my girlfriend

As soon as I heard that question time froze

Nia: YES!!!!!!!!

I ran up to him and kissed him and he kissed back

Nia: oh crap I'm going to be late for class

As soon as I was walking a pair of arms appeared on my waist it was Justin's. He whispered in to my ear saying

Justin: I'm going to miss you

I smiled and said

Nia: Later Bieber

When I turned around he was smiling at me and I smiled back. On the way to class I was thinking about me and Justin and I was saying I can't believe I'm dating Justin Bieber!!

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