Can It Be

Shayla is the most popular senior in Blueday high, but when she starts finding her self attracted to a "nerd" her friends start to leave her in the dust. Harry
(The nerd) seems to be falling for Shayla. Is she to far out of his league? Will Shayla be with her possible true love ? Or try to stay with her popularity. *+14*


2. The Drive Home

Harry's POV

I was walking threw the hallways at the end of the day to my locker when I saw Shayla at hers rustling around to find something. I noticed something shiny on the ground. It was her phone. I picked it up and tap her small bony shoulder. She whipped her hair around and gave me a weird look.

"I think you dropped this," I smirked

"Th-thanks," Shayla replied

Was something wrong? I don't know. Should I ask?

"Are you alright?" I asked

"Peachy" Shayla replied sarcastically. She snatched her phone from me and slammed her dented old locker shut. She stormed out of the school like someone had just stole her crown. I slowly followed her outside. There she stood blabbing on her phone to someone, I'm guessing Gretchen. Shayla seemed upset by the way she was talking into her phone. Should I offer her a ride home?

I stood awkwardly behind her for a while until she hung up her phone. I walked up to her, and she started at me like I was following her for years.

"Do you need a ride home? My car is just over there."

"Uh.... Uh" Shayla looked around unsure. She sighed "Fine, but try not to been seen"

"Can do" I replied

Shayla's POV

Ugh. I can't believe I was doing this. Someone was gonna see me. Oh my god is that Gretchen and Karen? I lower my head and duck behind Harry. I don't think they saw me.

"There she is" Harry smirked

"Oh my god!"

Beyond my eyes was a black lambo. How could I deny that ride home? I hopped into the passenger seat while Harry started the car. He revved the engine which made me jump a little. He backed his car up and started down the road.

"What's your address?" He asked

"45 Jamba drive" I replied. Harry turned left and continued down the windy road.

"What was wrong at your locker. What happened?" Harry asked

"Nothing. Don't worry about it" I replied

"Oh come on. Even Karen would know your lying"

"Ugh. Fine. Ill tell you. Last month I hooked up with this guy Johnny. I lost my virginity to him. I gave him blow jobs and stuff and all, but I told him it's to early and I didn't want to do it again for a while, and he said that if I don't keep having sex with him. He will tell everyone I gave him an STD and that I'm pregnant. I was suppose to go to his today, but I don't know"

"Well he's a fucking asshole and if I ever see him, I'll punch his teeth in. He cannot treat a beautiful girl like that"

"I wouldn't do that. He is psycho. Who knows what kind of weapons he carries around. I don't want you to get hurt . Harry smiled as he pulled into my driveway and put his gorgeous lambo in park

"Maybe we should hang out sometime hm?" Harry asked

"Ya.. I would like that" I replied. " oh by the way, thanks for the ride"

"Anytime" I hopped out of the car and twisted my keys in the lock of my door. I opened it and before me was my brother, Jason. He was two inches taller then me with blonde shaggy hair.

I had no idea where my parents were. I never do.

Harry's POV

I watched Shayla as she entered her house and shut the door behind her. I drove away and turned right, to go back home. I wonder if she is going to that guys place she was talking about. Well I am certainly satisfied with how smoothly Shayla and I went on the way home. I hope to see her soon. She brings joy to my world.

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