My School Holidays Life .

Holidays are necessary for every students .


10. Waiting for my result .

I know Christmas Day is in no time . 

I know I should be busy to decorate my house to become beautiful .

But I don't . 

Nowadays , everyone is busy for decorating their houses .

You can't find any ornaments in my house .

My house doesn't have ' Christmas's atmosphere ' . 

Because , I am feeling nervous for my result . 

I don't know , whether I can get good result in my examinations . 

If I pass with flying colours result , I will celebrate in grand style . 

I will strut and post my result on Facebook to show to everyone . 

 That's my style .

haha . 

Yet , now I don't know anything .

I hope everything is gonna be awesome . 

Life is simple . Yet , human is not simple . 

Now , I am enjoying my holidays . 

I just stay at home for spending my time . 

I know Time is Money , but my life has too many obstacles . 

My mother doesn't allow to go to work . 

She said that I'm just a young teenager . 

She said , I don't know the ' WORKING LIFE ' , how cruel it is . 

So , I don't have any way to get money . 

Except , asking from my good mother . 

I think I will acquire more things , rather than staying at my abode . 


Many knowledge , we can't gain from our textbooks . 

We wanna have a try . 


My holidays still have half month to go. 

I hope I can spend it wisely .


Thanks .



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