My School Holidays Life .

Holidays are necessary for every students .


9. Took a visit at 3D Museum .

It is a new museum !

It is located at Penang , Malaysia . 


It was a beautiful Friday .

I love Friday , though I am not a Christian . 


I woke up at 7.45 am .

It was quite early for me .

Because , I am a lazy person . 


It was good morning . 

The clouds moseyed across the cerulean sky . 

The Sun was golden colour . 

I didn't close my windows properly . 

The sunlight came into my room with no greeting . 


I stretched my clumsy body . 

When I opened my door .........

Wow !

The aroma smell stung my nose .

I could imagine the scene in my mind . 


I washed my face and cleaned my sparkling white teeths with a minute . 

Because , I could not bare it anymore . 


I darted to downstairs to have my sumptuous breakfast .

After my breakfast , we started our journey  .


We went to the 3D museum in Penang . 

'Unfortunately' my sister didn't know the location . 

We wasted 2 precious hours for searching the location . 


It is a new building .

As a Penang citizen , we don't know the location clearly . 

After reaching the museum , we dashed into the museum with a second . 


It was a hot day .

The sky was like an oven . It was scorching hot . 


We rushed into the museum immediately .

It was so cool . 

The cold win overwhelmed us .

We felt cool and good . 

Inside the museum , air - con was switched on !


After we bought the ticket , we went inside to have a look . 

There were so many posters to let us see . 

There were amazing !


It just took a few hours to stay at 3D Museum .

It is a new museum . There are just a little posters to let us have a look .

I think : It hasn't fully furnished yet !


No matter how , it was good visit in Penang . 








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