My School Holidays Life .

Holidays are necessary for every students .


8. Enjoy playing piano .

That's an appealing news , I heard it from my net friend . 

She said if a guy knows how to play the piano well and smoothly . 

It's amazing ! 


I love playing piano very much . 

I keep on practising .

I play it everyday . 

Because , I am a man . 

If what she said is truth .

I will have more opportunities and privileges in my near future .


When I am practising my piano , I hate someone to disturb me . 

If someone gets in on the act , I will blame him .


My piano teacher is also an affable teacher.

She teaches me patiently . 

When she knows my ' extremely ' BIG dream . 

She laughed at me . 

I tried to grin and bear it . 





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