My School Holidays Life .

Holidays are necessary for every students .


13. CRYING !

I was depressed , because the ' school life ' is going near and near . 

All pupils in Malaysia are disappointed . 

Because they know that their life is to become black again .

Sigh ,

sigh , 


Do you think holidays are necessary for all students ?

My friend said ' NO ' 

Because she thought long holidays would make people to become lazy 

I can agree her up to a point . 

Because I am lazy now . 

I don't want to go to school . I just like a primary student keep doing something who think it is childish !

School life is really cruel 

Yet , I think I will feel better afterwards .

It is time to meet my old friends .

But , it is time to say GOOD BYE with my handphone , tablet , PC etc .

That's why I said ' cruel ' !


Before that , government said ' you all can take your smart phones to SCHOOL ' 

Do you know what they mean ?

 They call us to bring ' NOKIA 3310 ' to school . 

They said ' we all need is to contact our parents ' 

Wow , it is quite cool for every students . 

It impressed me !

All teachers in my school are strict . 

They will directly scold you ,if you did something wrong .

Haiz , I am so pity .

How pity I am . 

I wanna scream !

I wanna empty my LUNGS TO SHOUT . 

I can't stand it anymore 

I want some places to let me scream !!!

So that , I can feel better . 

Malaysia is a hot country . 

I have to walk a long distance to go to my school . 

I feel frustrated when walking to school . 

That's a why I hate to go to school .



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