My School Holidays Life .

Holidays are necessary for every students .


5. A raining day .

It was a raining in the morning . 

Pitter - patter .

Pitter - patter . 


I enjoyed peering at the scene in the morning . 

I was drinking a cup of hot coffee . 

The aroma smell of the hot coffee stung my nose . 

Wow ! 

That's truly relaxing . 


Suddenly , I heard my Philipine  maid exclaimed and shouted at my mother . 

I was considering . 

'What is going on ?' 

I followed my mother to have a look . 


Sucks ! 

My brother was injured seriously . 

He was wounded . 

He was bleeding seriously . 


Oh My God . 

I heard my Philipine maid said , 

My brother was playing his favourite ball at his room , 

He was being amoke . 

All of a sudden , he hit the corner of the table . 

His head was broken . 


My mother sent my little brother to the nearby hospital as fast she could . 

Fortunately , the doctor said ' It is fine ' 

The doctor calmed us . 


No matter how , after this incident . I truly know we should be careful when playing . 

' Amok ' is not allowed !


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