Searching For My Legendary Parents

Since I love the Percy Jackson series SO much, I've decided to make a Percy Jackson story. Please don't hate on it, if you don't like it, don't read it! Thanks guys! =)


9. Chapter 8

Time seemed to move in slow motion. 

I spread my arms out in front of me to shield my brother as the Empousa sprung at me, just as Quinn--as quick as lightning--grabbed her bow and shot an arrow into the Empousa's head, right between her eyes.

I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding as I watched Kelli crumple into dust. "Thanks Quinn,"

She nodded, but her focus shifted behind her when a woman screamed as the 'bull' slammed into the snack aisle and toppled down.

But it wasn't a bull. It was another monster that my dad had fought when he was younger.

The Minotaur.

His eyes locked onto me and he charged towards us.

But I was ready this time. I got into a crouch and grabbed hold of Kane's arm. As the Minotaur got closer and closer to us, at the last second I yanked Kane out of the way and we dove to the ground a few feet away from the Minotaur's path.

Minotaurs are strong and fast, but they're also really stupid; once they're locked onto a path, it's really hard for them to change direction.

The bull-headed creature smacked into the checkout counter as Kane and Quinn scrambled up out of the way. 

He pushed himself up off of the ground and shook his head in rage. He reached up behind his back and pulled out an axe in the shape of an Omega.

I risked the luxury of a second and thought about what I could do. My mind raced in a hundred different directions.

He could charge at me and I could meet him here with my dagger.

He could charge towards me and I dart out of the way to have him crash through the window. . .

But that would lead him towards all of the other people waiting outside.

I could lead him towards the soda and water fountain to try and use the water to my advantage. . . but I hadn't tried to use water power since dad went missing. . . Would it even work?

It was worth a shot.

My second was over and I gathered my wits. "Hey ugly!" I yelled, backing up towards the back counters of the store.

It's a little unnerving when a 7 foot tall beast starts barreling towards you wielding an axe.

But nevertheless, it worked and we ended up in the back of the store right next to the fountains. The Minotaur flared his nostrils and lowered his head, getting ready to charge again. I tried to channel the energy of the water, imagining that the water was a part of me--like the blood that coursed through my veins--that I was able to control.

I felt a tug in the pit of my stomach and the Minotaur let out his battle cry and plowed towards me. I envisioned the water as if I could control it with being 'one with it'. I thrust my hands out infront of me and soda and water blasted out of their fountains and doused the beast from head(horns) to toe.

This slowed him down a little and made him even angrier. He shook his head and locked on to me once again.

I got into a crouch, he stormed towards me. In a split second I grabbed my dagger and leaped. I grabbed onto his horns with one hand and pulled myself onto his back, plunging my dagger in between his shoulder blades.

He let out a pained screech and crumpled to dust. I jumped off of him and somersaulted to the ground.

I laid there for a second, breathing hard, surrounded by a mix of soda and water but completely dry.

"Kayden," I heard, then snapped my eyes open. Quinn was kneeling over me and looking at my arm. "You're bleeding." She offered a hand to help me up and I took it.

Quinn turned towards the lady who had tried to help us earlier, but now stood shaking at the front of the store. Quinn tried to get her attention. "Hey!" She called but the woman just stood there quivering and whimpering to the store clerk behind her.

"Hey!" She called again. "Snap out of it! I need a first aid kit, can you--Ugh," She groaned as the woman wasn't even listening to her. "Can someone get me a first aid kit?"

I leaned against the wall next to me, clutching my upper arm though blood was streaming down, dripping onto the floor.

"Oh my Gods," She muttered to herself. "Is no one going to help us out?"

"What do you need, Quinn?" I heard a voice call from the entrance of the gas station.

I turned to see a familiar face emerging from behind the crowd that had formed outside of the store. My heart fluttered, and not just from the blood loss, as I saw Blair guiding my brother towards us.

"A first aid kit," She said rushing towards me, grabbing napkins to put pressure on my wound.

"Can't we just use ambrosia--"

"Not in front of the mortals." She cut him off, muttering through her words. "And its in her backpack that's still in the cab."

Blair and my brother ran to find a medical kit and came back a minute later. Quinn opened the red box and looked for bandages and gauze to start wrapping my arm that had already bled through the napkins.

"Hey there, hotshot." Blair said to me, kneeling down next to me. "Pretty cool what you did with the Minotaur." He grinned.

I smiled weakly. "I didn't even know that it would work." I admitted, then winced as Quinn tightened the gauze around my arm. "I don't even remember getting cut,"

"It's the adrenaline when you're fighting." Quinn told me, helping me stand back up. "Your mind is moving way too fast to process anything other than the one thing you're focused on."

I picked up my dagger, and sheathed it back into its place on my belt. 

"Kayden, are you okay?" I heard my little brother's small voice ask.

I nodded and wrapped an arm around him. "I'm alright, bud."

Blair patted Kane's shoulder and with his permission, heaved my brother up onto his shoulders.

"How did you get here?" I asked him as we walked out of the store, avoiding the people who were starting to ask questions.

"Oh," He said nonchalantly. "Argus drove me,"


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