HI I'M SELENA AND I AM BULLIED BY NIALL THE SCHOOLS BULLIED till one day a boy named luke hemming came to my school wiil he save me read and find out


10. picture day/new kid

today is picture day and i was wearing this . I was walking to my locker and next to me was my friends Yessie , Pricsilla ,and Emily. As we were talking we heard alot of people taliking about some new kid who is from Australia and that he is going to this school today. His name is Luke Robert Hemmimngs and he was 18 years old . As we were all talking the door open wide and we all turn3ed around we saw luke hemmings . i gotta admit he was kinda cute he had beautiful blue eyes and bright blond hair. As i walking i pumped into someone and it was luke. Sorry i didn'[t see where i was going, It's ok i didn't see where i was going either. My name is Selena morgans by the way . My name is luke hemmings and can i ask you a question? Sure what is is luke . can you sit by me at lunch so i can get to know you and we could be friends? sure i would love that luke . Awsome thanks Selena also can you tell me where room 4 is. Sure it is right there ill show you. thanks ill see you later selena bye. bye luke see u later. i was in line to get my picture taken and right behind me was luke. Hi luke how was the day so far? It was great cant wait for lunch because im starving . Me to im so hungary . 

                                                      (selena's prov)

i really like luke he is so cute i hope he likes me too i just hope.

                                                       (luke's prov)

i really like selena i just hope she likes

(selena's prov) it was my turn to take a picture and once i took it i went to my 4th period.

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