Half a Heart

Adalaide Styles is the twin sister of THE Harry Styles. But since he's been away, she's been distraught. It's killing her that he's gone, but when he comes back, it seems that everything is falling into place. But will she be able to see that someone else may care for her beyond Harry? And what happens when they leave again. (Based on "Half a Heart" by One Direction)


2. Chapter 2

I opened the door.

“Honey…” Angelica opened her arms and stepped forward, enveloping me in a hug. “What’s wrong?” She held me at arm’s length, studying me.

“Why is everyone asking me that today?”

“Well, I texted and called you and you never answered, and I heard Harry was coming home and oh my gosh,” her hands flew up and covered her mouth, “I’m not interrupting anything am I? He’s not home yet, right?”

“No, he’s not home. And I don’t know when he’s coming home either.”

I guess my expression changed, because she pulled me into another hug. “Oh honey, it’ll be soon. Don’t worry! It’s almost Christmas. It’s not like he’ll be away for Christmas! You’ll see him soon.”

“He missed last Christmas,” I stated glumly.

“Come on.” Ange grabbed my hand and pulled me up to my room, shutting the door behind us. “Spill.”

“I saw Courtney again after class and she said that since Harry didn’t tell me himself that he was coming home that he didn’t really care about me. I mean, what if she’s right? He hardly ever texts me first. He never calls, and I mean, it just seems like he he doesn’t wanna talk to me. And I don’t want to bother him, so we never talk. We’ve drifted apart and I miss him.”

Tears started to fall again, surprising Ange. I never cried. I only cried a few times a year. But on the days I did cry, I sobbed for hours on end. If you saw me on those days, you’d think I always cried, but I didn’t. I didn’t like crying. It always made me feel ill and tired and overall just very unpleasant.

“Addy, Courtney was just being a jerk! Of COURSE Harry cares about you! Maybe you guys just need to see each other again, and then you’ll be close. And look at your phone, it certainly looks like he calls and texts you!” She smiled her sweet smile and held my phone out to me.

Sure enough, I had four missed calls and 17 unanswered texts, not including the ones from Ange. All from Harry. Except a few. Each of the other boys had texted me asking if I was okay and begging me to talk to a distraught Harry.

I set my phone back on the bed as soon as Ange replaced hers in her pocket. “Mum says I need to come home. Dad’s back from work early and wants to take us out for dinner. Will you be okay?”

I nodded and gave her a quick hug before she skipped out the door, letting herself out. I sat back on my bed, my head in my hands. Since I only cried a maximum of 5 times a year, I got all my pent-up emotions and tears out when I did cry. That’s why I sat on the edge of my bed, sobbing, gasping, hiccuping, pulling on my hair. Anything to try to not feel anything at all. Unlike most people, I liked that hollow feeling that came after too many strong emotions. I didn’t have to feel lonely, or sad, or guilty. I was just empty. And I liked it. So I sat there, trying to feel empty. Strange, huh?


~Harry’s Point Of View (P.O.V.)~

“Mum,” I quietly called through the house. “Are you home?”

“In here darling,” came her familiar reply. I dropped my bags and ran over to her, pulling her into a hug. Man I missed her. Mum laughed and patted me on the back. “Hey!”

I pulled away and just looked at her for a minute. It’d been ages since I’d seen her in person. Way too long. I smiled and hugged her again. “So where’s Addy,” I asked as I released her a second time. I looked around, as if she would magically appear out of thin air.

“In her room.” Her face saddened. I gave her a questioning glance before turning my head to look at the stairs, willing her to come down. “She really misses you,” she explained.

“Is that why she’s been so sad?”

Mum didn’t respond. Addy probably swore her to secrecy.

I looked back to her and nodded. “Thanks, Mum. Love you!” I kissed her cheek and ran up the stairs, taking the steps two at a time. I couldn’t believe that’s what was making her so sad. I couldn’t believe I was the reason. I felt awful…

I paused outside Addy’s room, listening. I could hear her quiet sobs. I slowly pushed the door open and leaned against the doorframe. With every fibre of my being I hated what I saw. She sat on the edge of her bed, elbows on her knees, head in her hands, sobbing, pulling her hair, silently screaming. I could feel a bit of her pain no matter where I was, but seeing her was a completely different experience. I had caused this. And I had no idea…

I couldn’t take it anymore. I crossed the room in two long strides and pulled her into a hug. She beat her small fists against my chest. It hurt, but I didn’t mind. I knew I’d have bruises, but they would be nothing compared to the emotional scars I had given her. At least my chest would heal…

Her blows gradually became slower and softer as the sobs wracked her body again and again. A few tears fell from my eyes and into her perfect hair as I tucked her head under my chin, swaying her back and forth.

“Hey, I’m here, I’m here.” I just kept repeating that over and over again, hoping she’d stop crying, but to no avail. So I just held her.

It was nearly a half an hour before her body became still. The tears had stopped a while ago. How long had she cried? Her body went slightly limp in my arms, so I lowered her to a sitting position on the bed as I kneeled in front of her.

“Why didn’t you call me back?” I gave her a sad smile. Maybe if we had been in contact more, she wouldn’t be feeling like this. It was my fault, really. I should have made more of an effort.

“I-” she hiccuped again and I laughed. She was the cutest thing in the world. “I d-didn’t want t-to b-bother you.”

“Addy! You’d NEVER bother me! You can call or text me at any time of the day. Or even night. I’ll ALWAYS answer you. No matter what. Even if I’m on stage!” That caused her to laugh slightly, which in turn caused a huge smile to spread across my face. “C’mon, lemme see that smile.”

She smiled a small smile.


She grinned and laughed at the face I pulled. Gosh I missed her smile. It’d been almost two years since I’d seen it. I pulled her into a crushing hug, in turn pulling her to her feet. We both laughed and I just grinned. Her laugh was the prettiest thing in the world.

Truth be told, she was the reason I never found the right girl. I kept comparing them all to her, and they just didn’t stack up. Not in a creepy way, though. She was just the main girl in my life, along with Mum of course, and I loved everything about her. She was the perfect sister. And I wanted the perfect girl, who just hadn’t come along.

“Are you ready to finally meet the boys,” I asked as I released her.

“They’re here?” She looked thoroughly confused.

“Yeah. Is that a problem?” I was confused on why she was confused. There was a lot of confusion in the room.

“No! But if they’re here, then why aren’t you with them?” She bit her lip like she always did when she didn’t want someone to leave.

I smiled at the fact that she still did that. She was just as protective of me as I was of her, just in a different way. We both wanted each other at our sides at all times, but she was the kind of sister who wasn’t protective of me so much as my feelings. That’s why she hated our emotional connection so much. Because whatever negative emotion she had, I kinda felt too, and that only made her feel guilty, which I felt, and it was just a never ending loop. When I was down after my break up with Caroline, only she could comfort me. No matter how hard the boys tried, I didn’t stop crying until I got that call from my sister. I loved her.

“Because I needed you. I see the boys all the time. I need my baby sister. I love you. You know that right?” I felt like I hadn’t told her enough, and maybe that was also a bit of the reason she was so hurt.

“Uh-huh.” She didn’t seem entirely convinced, though she tried. I’d have to work on that.

“You coming?” I held out my hand for her. She accepted it and walked meekly behind me. She hid her tiny little 5’2” frame behind my 5’10” one when we reached the living room. That’s where all the boys were gathered. She never let go of my hand though.

“Boys,” I said. They all turned around and looked at me. “This is my little sister, Adalaide. Adalaide, meet the guys.” I pulled her out from behind me as much as she would let me, which was only about half way. She shyly waved at the boys. “That’s Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Liam.” I pointed out each of the guys as I introduced them.

“Harry, you’ve been in the band for three years, I think I know which bandmate is which.” She laughed slightly.

“Oh, right… Erm… Sorry, Addy.” I walked over to the couches, but Addy released my hand and went to Mum in the kitchen. I turned to all the boys. “Guys, protective big brother moment.” All of them rolled their eyes. “Sorry, but you all knew it was going to happen.”

The boys all chorused their agreement as Louis said, “Well, get on with it. We haven’t got all night.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“I don’t want any of you dating my sister or breaking her heart or anything. We’re only here for a few weeks, and I swear if anything happens to her there will be consequences.”

“What kind of consequences,” Niall asked innocently. I knew he wasn’t being cocky or anything, just curious.

“I guess it all depends on what exactly happens. But anyways, I think Mum is almost done cooking.” That got all the guys’ attention.

“Don’t worry mate, no problem here.” Zayn clapped his hand on my shoulder.

“I should hope not,” Louis piped up. “I thought we had something special!” He pretended to wipe away a few tears.

“Sorry, Lou, but Perrie is just too great.”

“Alas, she is… I accept the loss. But only to her.” The guys and I were all really happy that Zayn had Perrie. She was like his other half. We all joked that it took him long enough to finally propose to her.

“Boys,” Mum yelled from the kitchen, “dinner’s ready!”

All five of us got up and raced to the kitchen table. “Thanks Mum!”

“Yes thank you, Mrs. Cox,” Liam said.

“Liam, how many times must I tell you to call me Anne?” She smiled at him.

“Sorry…” He looked down.

We all started eating and had devoured the lasagna in about a total of 15 minutes. It was delicious and we all thanked her.

“Well, seeing as how it’s getting late and I think I’ll be heading to bed soon, only three of the boys can fit in Harry’s room. Not including Harry.” Mum yawned.

“But where will the rest of the guys sleep?” I was worried. We were staying at my place for a while, at least a couple weeks, and I didn’t want anyone to be uncomfortable.

“The other two can stay in Addy’s room,” she stated like it was obvious. “I’ll let you all decide who will sleep where.”

“But where will Addy sleep?” Now I was really confused.

“In her room of course. Now figure it out, I’m going to bed. Goodnight everyone!” She kissed mine and Addy’s cheeks and went up to her room.

“Where do you want us all,” Liam asked, turning to me.

“Ummm….” I didn’t really want anyone in Addy’s room with her. But the couches weren’t the most comfortable.

“I can stay in the living room,” Addy said softly.

“No Addy, I don’t want you to have to give up your room.” I’d feel even more guilty sticking my baby sister in the living room.

“Then I’ll sleep on the floor and two of the boys can have the bed.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“No, I don’t want you on the floor either…” I turned to the guys. “Who all is cool sleeping on the floor?” All of them nodded their consent. “Alright, Liam, Niall, Louis, I’ll let you figure out who’ll sleep where in my room. I’ll sleep in the bed with Addy and Zayn, you’re sure you’re alright with the floor? I mean we have blow up mattresses for everybody, but still.” I wanted Zayn to sleep in the same room with Addy because he was the only guy not single as of a few months ago when Louis and Eleanor broke it off. We honestly thought it was going to last forever, but it didn’t. But Zayn and Perrie were engaged and he was the least likely of everyone to make any sort of move on my sister.

“Of course! It’s fine, I don’t care either way.” He shrugged, then replied to a text. I assumed it was from Perrie. He hardly ever replied that quickly.

“Perfect, we’ll just clear up and we can go to bed. Everyone knows where their rooms are, right?” Again, everyone nodded and we all stood up to take our plates to the sink, but the table was empty. I looked over and Addy had them all neatly stacked and was putting them in the dishwasher. “Addy, what are you doing?”

“The dishes,” she replied simply.

“Here, let us help.”

“No, it’s fine, I’ve got it. Go to bed. I’m almost done anyways.”

“Are you sure?” She nodded. I walked over to her and pulled her into a hug. I spoke quietly so none of the boys would hear me. “Are you sure you’re okay sharing a room? And a bed?”

“Of course! It’s only you and Zayn. It’ll be fine. Now go to bed.” She pushed on my chest, breaking the hug.

I put my hands up in surrender, “Alright, alright.” I backed away slowly. “C’mon boys.” We all grabbed our things and got settled into the rooms. I was glad Addy wasn’t a girly-girl, so her room was a lot more bearable to stay in. Some girls liked superstars and flowers and pink, Addy liked American baseball and football and grey. She was the best twin a guy could ever ask for.

Addy came and settled into bed after getting changed into pajamas about an hour later. We were all in bed by 1:00 A.M., a new record for us! When she climbed under the covers, I pulled her close and wrapped my arms around her. But she put her hand on my bare chest before I could properly cuddle with her.

“What’s wrong?”

“You do have pants on, right?”

Zayn and I both laughed at that. “Of course I do!”

“Well, you never know,” she defended.

I just rolled my eyes and pulled her close. She was freezing, but she warmed up and stopped shivering after a few minutes. About a half an hour later, we could both hear Zayn’s soft snores.

Now was the perfect time to talk. Nobody would hear, but we both needed to be quiet so as not to wake anybody up. Good. I had a few things I needed to talk to her about.

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