P. O. C.

She kept walking. I could tell she was in danger but I knew I could not reach her. That's when I saw the man.
He was coming torwards her. He covered her mouth and knocked her out.then I woke up.
Me being Abel to see the future in my dreams put me on edge. I quickly dialed her number and after the third ring she answered. I know I sounded wierd when I sighed. That's when I heard it, a scream.


13. Your awake

mans pov


i turned he corner and walked on. she was still unconscious and i was almost to my hideout. when  walked in i shut the door and locked it.




crystals pov


i was warm when i started to float back to reality. being knocked out was a weird experience. it was as if the darkness was holding me just beyond the surface. it was suffocating, as if you were being held underwater, losing air, inches from the surface but not able to go there.


when i finally returned to the surface i was lying on the bed. my arms were chained  over my head. i let out a long sigh, maybe a little to loud for the space i was in.


that's when i noticed him. he was standing at the entryway with his arms crossed looking at me the way he did with his big brown eyes. he got up off the wall and started walking towards me. his fluid movements seemed perfectly timed making him ll the more dangerous. by the time he was slowing down he was at the foot of the bed. he held a knife in his hand



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