P. O. C.

She kept walking. I could tell she was in danger but I knew I could not reach her. That's when I saw the man.
He was coming torwards her. He covered her mouth and knocked her out.then I woke up.
Me being Abel to see the future in my dreams put me on edge. I quickly dialed her number and after the third ring she answered. I know I sounded wierd when I sighed. That's when I heard it, a scream.


10. Trustworthy

"who are you?" i asked the man before me.


he seamed to belong in the shadows. his face was covered by darkness.


"me? i could ask you the same thing. why were you running from that man? i think i have priority over questions since i saved you from him." he said in a silky tone. his voice was so soft and smooth it made me want to answer him.


a thought flashed through my mind. what if he was on the mans side? would he take me back to that room? would he torture me then kill me? all these thought running through my head, my brain was telling me not to trust him, but my heart was totally trusting where it mostly was not.


" well, he tried to kill me, then he kidnapped me, i woke up here chained to a wall, and when i got free of my chains, the table in the middle of the room was covered in instruments for torture. i'd say i ran from him as an instinct or that i was so scared." i told him.



sorry this chapter was so short. i was late to writing it and i only had a limited amount of time.             

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