P. O. C.

She kept walking. I could tell she was in danger but I knew I could not reach her. That's when I saw the man.
He was coming torwards her. He covered her mouth and knocked her out.then I woke up.
Me being Abel to see the future in my dreams put me on edge. I quickly dialed her number and after the third ring she answered. I know I sounded wierd when I sighed. That's when I heard it, a scream.


8. The dream, not

                                 Crystals pov


                                          it was cold and dark. everything around me was black it was just ike my dream. i knew what would happen so i slowly opened my eyes. this time i never woke up. it took sometime for my eyes to adjust to the light coming from the bare bul hanging from the ceiling. it looked like a scene from a scary movie about a girl chained and then the bad guy comes through a rusty meatle door, but there were no doors.


                                      the room ha 5 walls and the ceiling was higher in the middle. there was a tabel in the middle of th room with nasty looking instruments. it took a while but i picked the lock on my manacles and then i walked to the table.


                                      pliers, rusty scissors, hook, the usual for a aniac, but one thing was out of te ordinary. there was a peie of chalk sitting far away from everything else. against my better judgement, i picked u the chalk and looked at it closely. when i touched the chalk, i knew exactly what it was for and how to use it.


                                      i walked over to the wall furthest form where i was chained and drew a big rectangle. when i was finished i took a step back and watched in awehow thelines i drew started to sparkle. when the sparkling stoped, everything inside the chalk lines dissapeared into nothingness. i stepped back towards the wall and stuck my head through. what  saw was a long dark hallwaywith no lights except at ether end. i stepped through the hole and started going in one direction ( haha see what i did there ). halfway to the end, i heard some familiar voice scream my name. 


                                       when i turned around i saw Niallat the other end of the hall. he started running torwards me and in turn i ran away. i had to say he was faster that me so when i rounded the first turn i ran into the first door i came to. 


                                       when i entered the room, i frantically looked for a way out but soon realized that the door i came in was the only way out. i heard footsteps coming closer and when i turned to face the door i felt someone of something grab me from behind.

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