P. O. C.

She kept walking. I could tell she was in danger but I knew I could not reach her. That's when I saw the man.
He was coming torwards her. He covered her mouth and knocked her out.then I woke up.
Me being Abel to see the future in my dreams put me on edge. I quickly dialed her number and after the third ring she answered. I know I sounded wierd when I sighed. That's when I heard it, a scream.


2. Stop-time cafe

                                           I had no idea what to do so I kept walking. I walked for a good two miles before I came to a reaustraunt open 24-7. I walked in just as the sun was starting to come up. I sat at the bar and ordered a coffee, just like everyday for a week. I had become a regular here at Stop-time cafe, and it was starting to feel like a second home. The familiar bartender came around and started up a conversation. 


     "Hey girl, what you up to?" he asked casually. I told him the truth.


     "Really? That dream again? You need some sleep."


                                        I thanked him for his advice, drank my cup of coffee, and started watching tv. It was talking about weird things happening in the town, but dont get me wrong, weird things are all that happen here. From brutal murders to strange kidnappings, you name it, youll find it here.


                                       I don't know why I get wrapped up in places like this, the same things happen every time. I tried to thing why I came here, then I remembered my job. You see, i'm an undercover agent for the F.B.I., and i came for a very specific reason, all of the murders. 


                                       Evergreen Forest was a hot spot for any crime you could commit in the world. i'm in a special secret department of the F.B.I. Its called the P.O.C. 

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